Colors! (Resinsoul Mei)

Apr 28, 2016

    1. I only recently purchased a second-hand doll, my first one, but I've been skimming through sites and found Resinsoul's Mei! She is gorgeous! Has a sweet, serene expression without looking pouty. I think I may try to get her (I was trying to avoid more dolls...)

      But I can pick other colors for an affordable price, which got me more excited. But it's tough for me to visualize her color. Does anyone have her in any color besides White or Normal? I'm thinking a blue or even the dark tan would be lovely! (Dark tan + gold eyes could be so gorgeous!)
    2. I don't have a Mei in tan, but I do have Bei in light tan. She looks pretty good, although the color has faded a bit over time.
    3. I have a tan Mei:
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    4. Ooooh she is so gorgeous! I love what you did with her -- well everything! (The green in her hair works so well with her eyes and the natural tints in her face match her hair so well!)
    5. Thanks! She has a gorgeous faceup by AngelToast. I took my cues for the hair and eyes from that.
    6. You both did such a lovely job!

      So I did cave and just ordered Mei!! The admins there have been so helpful, and I ordered her in dark gray. I'm so excited!
    7. Congrats! Be sure to share some photos when she arrives.
    8. I got my first doll and she's a used RS Mei in color Blue but has mellowed to Minty Green :) I'll take a better pic of her and show you , Just have a tip when you buy used and your new to this , make sure you ask the seller to please re-string her in the best way they could , RS dolls are kinda kicky found that out ,i did my best but she still kicks and just can't stand a pose beside sit . I got her April 22,2016 and she's the culprit why i totally fell inlove with BJD's now I have total of 7 and 2 on the way .I buy used ones to have more .. :) be careful if you buy dolls on ebay , there's a lot of legit for good deal but also lots of scammers :) good luck

      OH MY , sorry just saw you got one already , upload her pics :) there's a fb group for Resinsoul lovers btw , LOL also i saw your name and so close to mine , My doll got here same day as my sis birthday and her name is Noelle so I named my doll Elle the previous owner said she's a fairy so added the fairy LOL
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    9. I'm also debating on getting a Mei!
    10. I am debating on whether to get the tan or grey Mei? Which do you believe is better?
    11. Grey reminds me of dark elves from MMOs :)
    12. That color does have that look, I went with the tan color but I have a feeling I will be ordering a doll in the grey resin next
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    13. I finally gave my Mei a new face-up. She was cast in the light blue color, but apparently has yellowed a bit into a very pretty green. [​IMG]Resinsoul Mei by Victoria Davis, on Flickr
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