Common/Popular sculpts?

Aug 2, 2018

    1. Since we already have a thread up for obscure/unpopular sculpts, lets have one for the opposite end! ^^

      Which ones would you add to your collection if you could (or already did?)

      So far the only popular/common sculpts I have are an Ante (LTF) and a Pong-Pong (PKF), maybe I'll someday add a Minifee Rin to that collection too? (I think she's relatively popular as all Minifees tend to be?)

      What say you?
    2. I have a Fairyland Chloe. (The slightly less common LittleFee version, granted, rather than the super-everywhere MiniFee... But, still-)

      She's pretty much my only current "OMG! They're just EVERYWHERE!"-doll, but a few of my crew are sculpts that, while less popular these days, did hold that distinction once upon a time. My CP/Delf Els and Shiwoos, my Dollshe Hound and my Volks F-16 are all definitely in that category.
    3. I got a Minifee Chloe for my first BJD and i'm still in love with her over a year later. She still has factory paint currently but that will change when i reshell her into another Chloe but in natural skin lol
    4. My Minifee Chloe is definitely my most popular sculpt. I don't care that practically everyone and their grandma has one, she was my grail. I've loved her since her release and I was finally able to get her during the A-line renewal event. I love her so much! :D
    5. Unoa Lusis and DollShe Saint are probably the most easily recognized sculpts I have. Maybe Soom Sard because his face sculpt is pretty well-liked as Sard/Dia? Interesting question, since I don’t really know which dolls are most popular right now and of course which are popular any given moment has certainly changed over 10 years in the hobby. I have a Volks SD that used to be in their basic always-available line but her head sculpt, Kun/f-22 has never seemed to be very popular. I would probably like a Minifee girl but I’d also probably end up hybriding her to have a Unoa head eventually.
    6. Two minifee Chloe's here, ahaha. My first was my first BJD and was a steal of a deal, the second was modded from a sleeping head to an open eye so the two girls look different, but...yeah. I didn't purposely buy them because they were popular, I bought them because I thought they were beautiful!..and also were a good deal, which is a bonus ahaha.
    7. I have several dolls that used to be popular, like Volks MSD F06. As for in vogue now, I'm not sure. Do Iplehouse BIDs Efreet and Erzulie qualify?
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    8. I only collect MSD and smaller, so sculpts I don't own but which I really like and which could be considered popular/ common are pretty limited, I think... Volks SDM F-33, SDM Dai/ Mako, BlueFairy TF May, iMda Modigli. Once upon a time MSD Mika/ Ken and Customhouse Uriel, etc. were common, but I haven't seen many recently.

      I don't think any of the dolls I own would qualify as common/ popular...? Maybe Kanon, or MNF Niella, but I feel like he was more "hyped for a time" than "popular/ common".

      Fun question to think about!
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    9. Lol they used to be pretty popular, but my DOD Ducan and Homme Kirill. My Kirill was my first doll and I /just/ got my Ducan, him being the first doll I ever wanted and a bit of a grail for me. I adore them both.
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    10. I think my Minifee Chloe and my Resinsoul Mei are neck in neck for most popular, lol. I love them both, though!
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    11. I feel like most of my dolls aren't all that popular, but ResinSoul Mi seems to be gaining popularity. I'm not usually even a big ResinSoul fan, but she's so beautiful, I had to have her! No regrets at all, she's a gorgeous doll at an excellent price. It's no wonder more people are getting her!
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    12. Resinsoul Mei is popular and i’d like to have one someday. I have a pukipuki pongpong that’s also popular and so much fun!
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    13. One of my ~favorite~ dolls I own is my Dollzone Carter, and while he's not quite at Minifee Chloe status I still think he's really popular and well-known for Dollzone. Or maybe I just think that because I like him so much, lmao

      As for popular dolls I want, Doll Chateau Bella! She seems to be the most popular doll chateau sculpt, and I think she's really cute. She's not at the top of my list for DC sculpts, but I would definitely love to have her!
    14. I have mnf Chloes (open eyed and sleeping), Celine, and Mirwen. Even if they are everywhere, I love seeing what everyone does with them.
    15. That's about where I am, too (though my LTF Chloe is also a boy). :) I think the Sarang head is pretty popular too (mine's also a boy), and I feel like I've seen a lot of love around for Nanuri 14.

      I also have Delf Shiwoo and El, which used to be popular but have faded off a lot these days. And MNF Shiwoo and El. And LTF Shiwoo and El. (I have a problem.)

      I know FairyLand's Sia is popular because the site crashed when she went up for order, but I sold her head and swapped it with Karsh. Still, I guess the body's popular?

      It seems like people favor Ivi from the DollPamm Loli line (which is itself not that popular, but that'd make her a more popular option from it), and there's a lot of love for Arubi, too (though, again, the company isn't as popular as a lot of others, which is honestly a shame because they're lovely!).

      Most of my collection sort of falls into "not super popular but not super rare either," I guess.
    16. Probably my Resinsoul Mei. First Resinsoul doll and I was a little hesitant to get her at first. I kinda thought she was "cheap" and figured she'd be of sub-par quality because of it. I was pleasantly surprised! Her resin is so smooth and her color is amazing (she's purple, I worried about blochy color). I immediately wanted another of her sculpt, which I'm already planning. :3nodding:
    17. Echoing others in saying my Minifee... I didn't realize how many Celines were out there until I got mine. :lol:
    18. The most "popular" sculpt I have is probably my DF-H Xiao Xin head. It's a practice head you can buy from ACBJD for $25USD, so a bunch of people own one. Other than that, maybe my DF-H Ella or Impldoll Alma.
    19. If I decide to get a third doll, it'll probably be an Unoa Lusis. :lol: I'm also starting to get tempted by Minifees. I think I started liking them more after seeing so many on Instagram. They look so much better in owner photos than on the site in my opinion. Maybe I'm just not a fan of Fairyland's styling.
    20. I think the most popular sculpt I own is my Volks F-16. I don't see as many around as I used to, but the "sculpt family" (F-16, Chris, Lucas, School A, DWC-1, ...) still seems to be pretty popular.
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