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Companies/Molds you hold in high esteem! Care to share?

Oct 30, 2008

    1. Howdyyyyy!


      I was wondering which MSD sized molds are your favorites, by which companies, etc.

      If you have pictures, please post!


      dolls you're hoping for, dolls in your family, or those of friends...

      let's get this thing moving!
    2. Uhhhh never mind then!
    3. Well, any one that owns a doll is going to have a reason for doing so-I'm not sure quite what you were expecting. If they didn't like it or hold it in high esteem, they wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on it.
    4. I love Unoa dolls. Absolutely love them!

      One day, I'd like to own ALL the dolls (bjd) that Araki has sculpted, Unoss/Unoa/Unoa 2.0 & Unon.

    5. I'm new and don't have a doll yet, but the MNF A-line body's posing ability has drawn me in. I also really like Narae - I think the faces are more natural looking (what's with so many of the MNF noses being so prominent in profile?) but I'm going to go for the MNF first. Probably a girl first, then a boy. Then a Narae. Assuming I ever save up the money for all of these!
    6. i think the Latis are gorgeous. I have two Yerns and a Rucas. I love the MNFs also, but they need to put out a boy who can match that buff bod! I have two MNF girls, an A line and a B line. I actually prefer the old resin on my B line and the body is really just gorgeous. the A line is cool because she can do lots of poses but it's a pain to get her to stand.
    7. As you know, I completely ADORE the DoD dolls. ALL of the molds are amazing. I already have a Yu and a Si, my first and second. And I'm hoping to get Kirill, Twing-Key, and I believe a Yen. I've been eyeing him for a while... So yeah, heh. I'm in love with DoD. Definatly worth the look. :3
    8. i also like dod dolls (i dont have any yet but as far as looks go and what i've heard about them) (i hope to some day have a kirill and ivan

      i also like luts kid delfs!
    9. Much love for Narin Creative / dollfair here. :D
    10. Yes, yes I am in looove with your DoC boys. <333

      I'm eye balling Leya and Twin-B.
    11. I really love DoD too! I've been eying quite a number of their dolls, but the company that really got me into the hobby was Iple House (Even though I don't have any dolls yet, so I can't really compare ^^;; ) I just find their molds so much less... doll-like, I guess XD