companies that sell mature tiny heads separately

Sep 16, 2020

    1. hi all! if any of you have tried to hybridize a mature tiny doll you might know where I'm coming from - almost all mature tinies are sold as the whole doll, and they're often limited or special edition due to their size. for reference, I'm looking for a head for a doll chateau b-body-07!

      I've looked around for a long time and feel like I'm floundering in an ocean of giant baby heads :...(
      it's hard to find mature tinies in the first place, and then on top of that you actually have to like the sculpt, and omg it's hard. ahh. the list in the mature tiny thread has helped, but still I haven't found what I'm looking for.

      does anyone know of any dollmakers /companies that currently have any mature tiny heads available separately from the bodies? oh, also tiny anthro/petdoll heads, I'm a fan of those too. (right now I'm seriously considering cocoriang mocka even tho that'd make her OT)

      I know there are one or two kicking around the marketplace right now, and I'm definitely keeping an eye on those.

      on the other hand, has anyone ever had to buy a whole doll and then sell the parts you didn't want, just to get the parts you wanted? do you feel like it worked out? I might have to do that but I worry about money ;-;

      sorry I'm always asking weird specific stuff!

      edit: i mayy have found a head! we shall see!
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    2. I actually like small or tiny dolls that look mature, not like children. I would just like a dollpamm proportions but 18 - 35 cm max