companies that sell mature tiny heads separately

Sep 16, 2020

    1. does anyone know of any dollmakers /companies that currently have any mature tiny heads available separately from the bodies? oh, also tiny anthro/petdoll heads, I'm a fan of those too. (I'm looking for a head for a doll chateau b-body-07! right now I'm seriously considering cocoriang mocka even tho that'd make her OT)

      I know there are one or two kicking around the marketplace right now, and I'm definitely keeping an eye on those.

      on the other hand, has anyone ever had to buy a whole doll and then sell the parts you didn't want, just to get the parts you wanted? do you feel like it worked out? I might have to do that but I worry about money ;-;

      sorry I'm always asking weird specific stuff!

      edit: i ended up getting a darak-i claire head on the marketplace!
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    2. I actually like small or tiny dolls that look mature, not like children. I would just like a dollpamm proportions but 18 - 35 cm max
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    3. I wanna know this too. I am thinking of buying a b-body-07 from doll chateau and the only head they have currently that fits it is Damara and her head is WAY to big for that little body. I would love to put a Dora or Mini Bella head on that body but... yeah, Exactly the problem you mentioned. What head did you find that worked for you?
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    4. i ended up finding a darak-i claire head on the marketplace - it's still a little bit cartoonish in proportions (head circumference is 13cm, about the same as a monster high doll) but it suits my needs. all of a sudden i'm seeing a lot of hybrids on this body (yay!) i saw a couple on instagram, someone did a creatures dolls mini bactro and another did an absinthe!

      soom mini gems pop up pretty often on the marketplace, and i find their heads really pretty, but in that case one would have to buy the whole doll still and then resell the body if thy want to.. it's tough out there for us mature tiny lovers, hah.

      good luck in your search!
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    5. Little Monica sells their two Muse Harmony heads separetly. I think Dollmore has their 'Kidult" line heads available seperatly as well. Sometimes Granado does, but you have to catch an order period. They have one right now, actually.
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    6. Muse Harmony's head would work for the body I want to get. 3.5 neck size, just like the B-Body-07. Thanks.