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Companies that sell size 4 wigs.

Sep 7, 2007

    1. Hi i have a Devil Hana on layaway and im hunting for wigs that will fit. Someone said she takes a size 4 wig. Im struggling to find companies who stock them.

      Does anyone know of any? Thanks for reading.
    2. cherishdoll's wigs for their tinies are i think around a 4.5. but i think that monique wigs sells size 4. www.monique.com is their site
    3. Pocket Fairy has a 4-inch head according to my chart so Bluefairy, Minoruworld, and possibly searching for PF wig on Ebay.

      Also Bobobie dolls have 4.33 heads (and Hana's is supposedly 4.13) so that is close.

      Orientdoll Joong size wears a similar size too but I don;t know if they sell any wigs.

    4. At the moment, Orientdoll does not sell Size 4 wigs (for its joong range)
      They have, however, said on the q&a that they have plans to sell wigs in the future.

      I believe volks dollfie wigs fit Joongs- so they might work for your dolls?

      http://www.volks.co.jp/en/ International Orders

      http://www.volksusa.com/ USA Orders
    5. Monique.com

      Look on the M page of their wig index, all wigs starting with Mini are size 4. You can buy from them or any number of doll stores but it helps to know the name of the wig and color you want.

      JunkySpot.com may have a few.
    6. Do you know if Monique.com take paypal? Ive just found a wig that is adorable! Their website is a little confusing too, does anyone know how much shipping would be?
    7. www.audreysdolls.com sells all sorts of size 4 wigs. You'd want to get RD4 wigs for Hana...it's a Riley size. She sells Monique, Global, and Kemper.
    8. Watch out when ordering from Audreys from outside the US, they will ship with EMS ($25+) and tack on a $5 handling fee.

      With the smaller Monique wigs, there seems to be a lot of variation in size and fit from style to style. It's probably best to do a request and see which styles/sizes fit.

      I got two Monique size 4 wigs for my Dollfie Plus and Barbies, one was an elasticated up-do ("Jamie") and was too small, the other ("Denise") had no elastic and was too big. :barf
    9. I have ordered tiny wigs from Audrey's and from Denver Doll Emporium and they were both fantastic, and international postage was cheap. I'd recommend them both, although Audrey's has a bigger range.
    10. Thankyou for that link i found just the sort of wig i wanted for her! Its all ordered now too.
    11. Thanks for asking this =D
      I was desperately looking for some size 4 wigs >_<
    12. Sometimes i think im not meant to get the wig i want! Back to the drawing board. The company i went to doesnt want to ship to the uk :(
    13. Cheers i'll go check it out.:)
    14. I have to vouch for mimiwoo. She's a great seller.
      I've never ordered from them, but you can check out miniworlddolls.com. Hope you find your wig! :)
    15. I can't remember if Monique themselves take PayPal, do check their site. They say you oredr thru them and they look for a local dealer/store who actually ships to you. There are some stores on Ebay that sell wig lots of size 4. You get the same style in several colors for a good price.