Companies with "big" 1/6 bodies?

Sep 24, 2020

    1. Hi! Sorry if there's a thread like this already.

      Recently I got back into small dolls, but I've found that I really like a sort of unusual size. I noticed that a lot of companies have 1/6 scale dolls AND "big" 1/6 scale dolls. MYOU, for example, has a standard 1/6 body at 27cm and a slightly larger body at 30cm.

      Just to make sure I wasn't imagining things I hunted down a couple more who have this type of body:

      DF-H: 26cm vs 30cm
      Kids Sky: 27cm vs 29cm
      Aimerai: 25cm vs 30cm

      There's a lot more, but you get the picture.
      And Heydoll has a good illustration of the difference between these bodies:
      It doesn't seem like it would be a big difference, but it's quite noticeable side by side!

      And to be clear, I'm pretty sure these aren't "big baby" style dolls, since those tend to fall around 40cm.

      Is there a specific name for this scale besides just "big 1/6"? Are there any bodies in this slightly larger 1/6 scale that you recommend?
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    2. As far as I know, there is no specific name, sorry! But it is a current trend right now to produce more “mature” yosd bodies, so checking out the mature yosd threads on here might wield some results. Most will be much slimmer and more adult, but some still keep a lot of the idea at a somewhat taller size. Bluefairy’s Shiny Fairy line might be a good example, because they have produced three yosd sizes for it. The original, more standard size version, then later a slightly more mature and taller version, and later still an even taller and more mature version.
      Pipos have also somewhat recently made a new taller body, and I think Aileen Doll has shown previews of a planned taller body. Dream Valley has three different yosd heights too I believe. It’s getting quite common.

      Many companies are coming out with taller/more shapely yosds as part of this trend, so if you are into it, the choices are getting broader!
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    3. I’ve seen companies call them chubby baby/bb, and Volks iirc calls them yomidis, but there’s no popular community term for them that I am aware of.
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    4. @nattherat I actually have some of the more mature tinies (specifically Dream Valley and Doll Chateau) but the type I'm trying to find out more about tend to be chubbier/more babyish, if anything! They're just slightly bigger. :sweat It's sort of difficult to describe, but they seem to be just bigger and thicker.

      @Dolldizzy come to think of it, I've also seen "BB" and "chubby" used to describe these a lot on taobao. Maybe those are some keywords I can go searching for? :?
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    5. Not sure but in regards to Myou we just call them the pear-shaped bodies. They're absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure this doesn't apply to all companies though.
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    6. From what I’ve seen, myou’s pear shaped dolls are absolutely adorable!
    7. Yeah I've never found them to have a specific name. I have both Myou versions and I usually just refer to them by 27cm and 30cm, or the 27cm as a standard tiny and the other one as 30cm since it's the bigger one that's the outlier. I wouldn't really call the large body mature, but it sure does have some hips. :lol: Also for the Myou bodies specifically, the jointing is completely different between the two. So it's not that the taller one is just a bigger version of the same body. Can't say the same for other companies though.
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    8. I know Akagi recently came out with a taller body, think they are preparing for miadoll koi as miadoll is really popular in china. So far i only see 1 picture on its own. My myou 30cm is really tall compared with my others.
    9. I think that using "cm" for sizes is better as Cap'n suggested above. The use of scale gets confusing because the term "scale" means something sized down to whichever "scale" we are referring to. 1:6 scale for example means a real life object sized down to six times smaller the actual real-life-object. So, if these dolls were truly 1:6, the 30cm one would be a six-foot-tall baby in real life. Ever seen one of those walking around? (Lol) As it is used within this hobby, it's mostly an incorrect use of the term "scale," and the reason why people seem to find these terms or sizes super confusing when using scales so broadly. If it were an actual 1:6 scale baby BJD, it would be under 3" for a newborn, and larger for other ages, and 30cm+ for an adult male (or tall female), a 30cm toddler BJD would be closer to a 1:3 scale child (depending on proportions). (:

      As a collector of actual 1:6 figures, it's really frustrating that people label any doll under 30cm regardless of proportions as 1:6. If it were just a few mislabel items on lets say eBay, it wouldn't be an issue, but it's tons of everything BJD for any doll under 30cm tall. DX
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    10. @Enzyme I generally agree that the use of "scale" doesn't really make any sense for bjds, but bjd shops on taobao almost exclusively use "1/6" to refer to babyish dolls around 25cm. Since that's where I shop, I use the terminology they choose :sweat I would just say "30cm" but that doesn't accurately describe anything either since the type of doll in question is not always 30cm and not all 30cm dolls have this aesthetic. The BJD hobby is generally useless when it comes to proper descriptions, but I'm hoping that with my examples it's obvious what I'm going for.

      However, it is interesting because the dolls in question are actually a different scale than the other dolls in the same size range. I can't say what scale and I don't really care, but you can tell they are not in scale with each other.
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    11. They've been around for a while - CustomHouse used to do Petite Ai and Ange Ai - Ange Ai are about the same size as LifftleFee/Yo-SD, Petite Ai are a little bigger, but they're all still 1/6 size as far as I'm aware.

      I don't think there's a size name for the even-bigger, but not MSD(or 1/4) size either - I call them "inbetweenies" but the Chibi Unoa, Dollmore Narsha, Little Junior Ai, Minoruworld Junior size dolls (pretty sure there's an Iplehouse around the same size too... K.I.D...?)

    12. There are quite a bit of artist dolls that are mature or slightly taller tinies. The ones that come to my mind immediately are carmelita and isabella from dolliciouso on instagram (30 cm), Ume from depthsdolls, who is taller but proportionwise much more a tiny than a real mini, Neveu from Dollzone, cookie from blackcherrydolls, Juliette from Youplasdolls, chibi lana from lillycat and I bet there are quite a few more
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    13. I think it's an issue with most Asian toy makers -- I collect anime and video game figures, so I know the frustration with scale figures as well... it's pretty annoying and irritating sometimes actually, but too off-topic to get into detail.

      The weird thing is that if a doll is labeled to be a certain height by "cm" and it's not that height, then why the heck are they using a size to describe a doll for? I know that rulers can be off by a few mm, but whole cm is kind of crazy. I don't shop a lot for smaller BJD (or any other size for that matter), but I know that most BJD companies exaggerate the sizes or proportions of some of the BJD body parts, like the necks. However, I didn't know they also mislabeled the height. Oh well, I guess there's not going to be a better term to use any day now, other than maybe going by size and proportions, like 27cm mature tiny, 30cm toddler tiny, etc. Scale is definitely not a decent use of the word by any stretch of the imagination. Barbie for example, is not considered 1:6 scale, by many people who collect scale figures, because she's not proportioned like a real-human. Most people who collect 1:6 refer to Barbie as 12" fashion doll -- so most BJD wouldn't be considered any scale at all, because most are not proportioned like humans. It's probably only frustrating if you collect actual scale toys, and you run into BJD clothes meant for baby or toddler, when you were looking for 1:6 adult male figure clothes or shoes. DX