Companion doll

Jun 25, 2020

    1. Hey everyone, it's been years since I've posted.
      I've been in the hobby on an off for years! Many dollies have come and gone. Overall I've always had at least one resin doll with me.

      Lately with all that's been going on, I find myself drifting back into the hobby strongly.
      I have only two resin kids atm. Both smaller.

      I have been obsessing over getting my first large SD. I've never owned bigger then an msd.

      I thought about it today, and realized when I'm feeling sad, lonely or just not "well"
      I tend to heavily gravitate back to bjds.
      I want a large bjd as a companion.
      Due to the virus, I wasn't able to finish my schooling for cosmo.
      Unemployed and now expecting... With a high risk. I feel completely cut off and alone.
      I'm normally very antisocial and my few friends I had either disappeared or ended up making life choices I didn't agree with.
      So all in all, I am now really alone all day.

      I was wondering if other people find this pull towards dolls and wanting a companion?
      Or if when things aren't going well in life, if you go more into your dolls.

      I want this SD, to cuddle, have company and make things for her.

      Anyone else?
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    2. Somewhat, yes. When I am feeling upset, holding a doll does make me feel better, and I've made a lot of real life friends through the dolls (roleplay, dollmeets, conventions, etc). Most of my dolls are SD and 70cm, so they do give me a good feeling to hold, cuddle or hug them. They all have developed characters, so I usually hold whoever I feel would understand my feelings most in character. I've also been told by therapists that dolls are a good hobby--playing with them or writing for them can be an escape from real life issues for awhile and let you do something positive.

      I wouldn't really consider my dolls companions though, in the sense of feeling less lonely. I'm very much an extrovert and I need to feel social and surrounded by people and activity to combat feelings of loneliness (and quarantine has been hell in that aspect) and regardless of how much personality we can feel in these little resin beings, they just don't fulfill my social needs like real people do.
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    3. I hope everything will turn out okay for you and your baby.

      I do think it's normal to gravitate toward hobbies and interests that won't quit on you when life gives you pause...the heart knows what to do to heal itself.

      Maybe making things for your companion doll can lead to you making things for other people and their dolls, and give you a way to make money while unemployed and dealing with health/baby needs.
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    4. It's absolutely normal. When I was stressing out about school and exams, it was nice to have my dolls just close by as a study buddy of sorts. I don't hug mine out of fear of messing up the eyelashes and her being a bit small, so I use plushies instead.

      I also second the making things for your dolls. They'll help keep you occupied and you get to play around even more with your dolls, on top of what other people have mentioned.
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    5. I suspect it's pretty common... When I'm feeling stressed out, or unwell or just "off" for some reason, I always seem to end up with one of the minions (Usually Al, my favorite of the CP/Delf Breakways in the crew-) either sitting on my desk or in my lap. That, plus my purring puffball of a cat, is usually enough to make whatever the problem is feel a little better. XD
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    6. Out of all my dolls, Vince is the cuddle buddy. I find it comforting to hold his little hand and I like the weight of him against me-- he's not super hefty, he's only an MSD, but he weighs just enough that I could tote him around a long time without getting tired, but he's not so light that he isn't grounding. He was my first and while I enjoy dressing/posing/playing with my other dolls, none of them has really been as CUDDLY.

      I'm an adult who's totally open about sleeping with stuffed animals, so I think turning to a doll for comfort in stressful times is normal enough.
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    7. I find my hobby is what keeps me sane. I enjoy just being with them, changing clothes, taking photos it all helps me feel better. I don't think size matters I find not in my dolls regardless of their size. Parker who is my avatar is my companion doll. She was to travel this year to a cabin in southern Ohio, go to Washington state and on that trip return to Colorado. This year has been one of the worst for the world and we need to find comfort with others when possible and if not possible in hobbies that do no harm. Hugs to all and @X_UnTold_X I wish you a healthy baby and know I understand, I went through having a child alone 42 years ago and she's one of my best life moments. She was my Angel and saved me from myself. Take Care and be safe.
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    8. I specifically got my first SD as a comfort buddy after holding a friend's on a bad day. Artemis lives on a pillow on the corner of my bed, unless I pull her out for company at my craft table, or the couch for tv.
    9. I don’t personally find BJDs very cuddly, but when I lived alone my time spent with my BJDs definitely spiked. I did on occasion snap photos to lift my mood and would sometimes bring my doll out to watch anime with me ahaha. I didn’t particularly think of it as seeking companionship or anything but I think it was fun to enjoy them that way.
    10. Yes! I work from home and sometimes I get lonely. I like to bring my dolls out and have them sit with me, I especially love hugging my SDs because they're so weighty. I feel like it's fine to find companionship through them especially during these difficult times where many of us need to stay inside- it can be rough going so long at home! I like the comfort of having dolls around and I feel like they're great for my mental health too.
    11. Aah, I just saw this and have to say huge sympathies! I had a lot of pregnancy difficulties, and it was really hard, so I hope you'll be okay. It's really stressful, so anything that brings you joy or comfort is a good thing!

      It might sound hollow, but you're not alone! There are lots of people who have a risky pregnancy. Don't be afraid to reach out, even if it's just online. (Sometimes it's easier online, because it's just text)

      But yeah... dolls are a nice stress free haven. If nothing else can distract me from whatever life junk is happening, sometimes it helps to just browse dolls, talk about dolls, or get them out to admire them a bit (mine are mostly in boxes for space reasons at the moment) :3 It's definitely comforting
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    12. I hope that things turn out okay for you and your baby! The separation from school thing is something I’m also going through, so I completely understand about that as well.

      With the life stuff as a side note, I definitely think this is a totally common thing. I’ve been doing the same thing heavily since the COVID quarantine started where I’ve just delved super into the hobby because I’m not really able to do much else. My husband and I are here together at least so that has been so nice, but I understand what you mean when you say lonely. I think I’m a way a character that you’ve created can be like a friend since you know everything there is to know about them, regardless of whether or not they truly exist in reality. I think the loneliness comes more than not from the isolated feeling of being cut off from normal life, so finding something to make it less noticeable I think is completely normal and I’m sure many people can agree that it helps during these times. I say go for it if you’re able to achieve your goal of an SD! BJDs really can bring a lot of joy in this trying time if it’s a responsible decision and can fill up time with crafts if you’re able to partake in them. I wouldn’t worry at all about this seeming weird - I’m definitely not the only one who thinks this way alongside you from what I’ve just read above. :3nodding:
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    13. For myself, I was in a terrible place in the middle of april, probably the worst way I've been in a few years, I decided to bribe myself with a doll to finish out my semester of online leaning. I preordered a doll (the one in my Pfp) and set about trying to get ready for her. When she came I had finished school for the summer, and was completely out of things to fill my day, so I threw myself into making clothing for her to give me a sense of purpose. I think it helped a bit.

      I wish you and your child the best, I hope there is something to comfort you right now, and that everything happens for you in the best way possible.
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