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Company Faceups?

Sep 22, 2007

    1. Do you ever wish you could send a doll you already have to a company for a face up? Like sending a shiwoo to dollkot or a unidoll to tensiya? If companies offered a separate send in face up service who would you like to send your bjds too and why?
    2. Well, there are a few companies I wouldn't mind having a face up from.... but when Annette's wears off I want to try my hand at doing one ^.^;;
    3. Most of the time, I'd rather just do them myself, and not go through the stress of sending them off and then having a headless body at home, but...I love Unidoll faceups, and would definitely consider sending heads to them if they offerend a seperate faceup service.
    4. I've only ever ordered new dolls from the companies themselves, and requested default face-up both times. I love Luts' default face-ups... so pretty.

      Well, and I ordered a plain head... but that's so that my best friend and I can try face-up. :D
    5. I think I would love to see another hound with a default dollmore faceup even though I know that wont ever happen again >.>
    6. Some companies will paint dolls you send in, but usually you have to contact the actual artist.

    7. Neon Addiction > Oooh, and which company is this??
    8. yeah, I really wish they would! I hate that the only way you can get a company faceup is when you first buy the doll or when you get like an FCS or something.

      I wish companies would allow you to pay to have it done again later. It's really hard to find good faceup artists.
    9. I know luts used to, I remember a girl sending her hound to luts because she didn't like the dollmore one. I know they used to do it with CP dolls, but I don't know if they still do, especially with them not even doing defaults now.
    10. Personally I prefer custom faceups to company ones because in my opinion they're more individual. Also face ups need redone eventually, and you'd never be able to get the same artist again with a company one.

      But if you could send the doll head in like that, I'd probably rethink my opinions a little.
    11. Luts has started taking default faceups again and I know they will redue default faceups on CP heads, as well as take blank CP heads and give them the default faceup.

      I'm hoping the option for custom faceups opens back up again someday. Not that it's an option I normaly would take as I love my two default ones from them, but it would be nice to have that option if my dream mold popped up with a faceup I could not love.

      That and since there is no Delf Shushu, I would love to buy an E-an and send her into Luts for a Shushu faceup.
    12. I was considering just paying $30 for the company faceup when I get my doll, but I figure that I want to tattoo it temporarily and maybe body blush it sometime, so I may as well get good with faceups now, since I'm not unfamiliar with a brush.
    13. I'm sending my El back to Luts to get him redone by them, It can be done, if they offer it.
    14. I'd love to send my boy back to Elfdoll when he'll need it in the future. I'm quite keen on his current faceup, and really want to keep it as long as I can. But I don't think they do that.
    15. I would love to be able to send my Nobility Lie to get a faceup like Camine's. I think it would suit him so well, and I tried to base the one I gave him off that.
    16. i would love to send a non volks doll to volks for a faceup, there so beautifully done
    17. i wish i could get elfdoll face-ups because i love their style ^^
    18. im getting my doll a face up and cheap to
    19. Most of the times I dont like the face up jobs companys put on the dolls so I think its better to pick up the brush yourself or send it to a persion that will do good job.
    20. this would be the first face up i can send pictures of what i want and get it done so im happy wish me luck also