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Company product results; encouraging or off putting?

Jul 2, 2017

    1. Recently I've been gearing myself up to buy another doll.
      I've messaged the company for details and they were super nice, I can't get over how good the customer service is!

      But unfortunately I've been seeing recent results from the company which havent looked good at all, they don't seem to be very consistant in their results...its really off putting, and it has honestly made me really hesitent from ordering from them especially for the price theyre charging.

      I am awear that every company has its hits and misses, they're all handmade after all, and nothing perfect.

      I feel very disappointed, especially since this was my grail.
      Has anyone ever felt like this? Or had expierences like this?
    2. One of the things you have to remember is that people are more likely to complain than they are to praise. I have done this before too. Though I have quite a few dolls from Fairyland, there is an instance where I complained because something was wrong with the doll, but when I get one that's perfect, I didn't go out of my way to talk about how great the doll itself is. You may not be getting the whole picture, especially if it's one of the lesser known companies. Another thing to remember is if their costumer service is good before you even order something, it will most likely be just as good if something has to be fixed with your order.
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    3. My solution to this (In general, not just with BJDs) is to buy secondhand. If a product is hit-or-miss, chatting one-on-one with someone who has the exact item you'll receive can be very reassuring; no surprises, assuming your seller is honest. (And most are, I've found)

      Of course, Xellos also makes a good point! Especially about the good customer service.
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    4. What company are You planning to buy from?

      I agree with xellos.
      However, have in mind, that good customer service might end the second You got a defective product. Some companies correct their mistakes themselves (you do not need to pay anything), some will demand You to pay for the shipping of damaged or/and non damaged items, some will ignore you.

      So, please tell us that company You are planing to buy. I am sure, that people, who dealt with that company might help You.
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    5. DoA has Product Reviews and Service Reviews. I would go through those and see if that doesn't help ease your mind.
      You could also order through a dealer if they work with the company you're looking at. Alice Collections offers several companies and they are wonderful to work with. I've ordered through them several times and it's always been great.

      I think that with this hobby, you have to take risks. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best and just go for it! But please do mention what company you are thinking about and I'm sure plenty of people will give their opinions. :)
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    6. Thanks for you response everyone!
      I'm considering ordering from Evangeline A from Doll Chateau, it's alot of money for me to drop (as is for everyone with alot of things with this hobby :lol:)
      Honestly I think I just have to give it a good think, and look at the results of what they're sending out over the next month or so; because I've heard lately they're taking on too many orders and rushing, so it might not be a good time to order! but I'm not sure, I'm completely open to suggestions though.

      @xellos you make a very good point, the bad points unfortunately outshine the good points; I always try to look at the good results , but it is definitely something to be mindful of.Good point about customer service too!

      @Xila I would adore to buy second hand! and sometimes it's better, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for her if she does come up. thank you so much for the suggestion!:XD:

      @Swampruler that's a very valid point aswell, and I've seen quite a few stories again around the place of companies suddenly turning. I suppose it all just depends on how its handled in that case.
      As I said above I am considering Doll Chateau! I Didn't want to mention the company incase It came off badly.

      @Dark Angel I always try to go direct from the company if I can because I like having more direct line of communication, but the alternative of going through a website would be a good option aswell since they handle various situations often, more so if theyre good to deal with; and I didn't even think of looking at the review section of DoA thank you!!! it may just ease my mind a little :3nodding:
      Thats very true about taking risks in this hobby, it's unfortunate but necessary :3nodding: but worth it if all goes well!! thank you so much for all the advice!! its hugely appreciated! :whee:

      would it be a good idea to specify the name of the thread so it includes doll chateau??
    7. I try to make a point to share my experiences of either extreme--praise for excellent service/products, and complaints for poor service/products. There are a handful of companies I have definitely warned people about because my experience was just so bad, but there are also as many or more that I highly recommend any chance I get to talk about them! Still, it's true that more often than not, the negativity is loudest, so do your research and find out if most transactions are negative or if you just happened to come across a small group who had a bad time.

      Depending on the complaints, I'll still be the judge as to whether to buy or not. If I know a company has very long wait times, slow communication, lies about shipping dates, or sends broken dolls ahead of time, I can better prepare myself for the worst, then be delighted if I have a good experience. If I expect my doll in one month and it takes three, I'm going to be upset. If I expect my doll in nine months and it takes three, I'll be overjoyed! A lot of it is relative. As long as they don't have a reputation for not sending dolls at all or only sending damaged dolls, it might be worth it.