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Comparing Iplehouse and Soom resin quality!

Apr 8, 2008

    1. I did a search but didnt find what i was looking for. Im planning my next dolls, but before i start saving up, i might as well figure out exactly which doll i want next.

      So, what is the resin quality of iplehouse? Strength and yellowing are most important, texture and appearance arent such a big deal.
      Same question for Soom, im thinking about getting a gem.

      Thanks in advance for any help and im so sorry if this has been asked already and my search skills are lacking :sweat

      (also - anyone else gutted that volks resin is supposed to be amazing - but none of the molds appeal as much to you?)
    2. I own a lovely boy from each company (NS) and they are both very nicely made!

      Both are very sturdy dolls with nice quality resin; well worth the price. My Iplehouse guy's resin is light in tone and has a grainy texture to it, while my Soom guy has smooth and silky resin which is more yellowish. I've had them for less than a year and I do keep them sitting exposed to a window (but not to direct sunlight) but I have not noticed any yellowing on either of them yet.

      And yes, I have heard that Volks resin is very nice, but their molds are too "anime" and "childlike" for my tastes.
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    3. thanks! thats very reassuring to know ^_^ And yeah... after hearing so much good stuff about volks resin, i wanted one of their dolls, but just couldnt fall in love with any of their face sculpts... they just didnt have... i dont know, oomph? they were a bit cutsey. or something. i suck at explaining :sweat
    4. There is very little difference in the resin quality between Soom and iplehouse, I find them to be on a completely even playing field.

      I am most fond of Volks resin. It's weight is very reassuring and it has a nice semi-translucence that makes it seem very alive. Those are qualities I really like but everyone has a different preference.

      I have dolls from all three companies and quite a few others, and I like everything I have. :sweat
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    5. idrisfynn, you own beautiful Corvi, and I thinking about get one - but I really curious about MA weight - i wrote about it in other thread once. Why they weight as 70cm dolls do? May be their resin is thinner? As my dolls don't just sit on shelf or lay in boxes, I'm thinking is it easier to broke MA or this is just my imagination work too much...
    6. Nope, I've had mine since the first issue of the MAs and never had any problems with breakages, he's still fairly heavy, but they tried to keep his arms and legs in proportion to SD larged sized feet and arms. It may sound strange, but if you go to the Mecha Angel website, you'll see what I mean, he's not proportionally larger, he's more like a freakishly tall skinny SD. LOL. He's still quite heavy though. I carted mine around one day and it felt like a gym workout. If I got to a meet, I'm thinking about a suitcase with wheels.
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    7. Hobbysue thank you very much! But they've got new body - arms is not so thin now, I'm not sure what about legs though... Free charge gym - sounds good, I can go up with him in my arms to 32nd floor and then go down - no need for pilates studio no more
      Now I have to wait when I can order him...