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Comparison Request! Dobigi Alice, Banji, and Elfdoll

Jul 31, 2007

    1. I did the thing Carolyn S mentioned and compared the pics on my computer, but if anyone has the above three I would love to see them side by side in real life. I;m wondering if Dobigi Alice is in proportion with elfdoll and banji!

      Thanks :D
    2. I think Tinybear may be the only one who could do that comparison.

    3. I thought it migh be. *shines the tinybear signal*

      I hope she still has her! I know she recently had to sell some of her precioussss. ;_;
    4. I do ...the last batch of pictures I took ...were appaliing
      I will do some today for you :)

      Im having problems getting on DOA at the momment ...I keep getting DATA BASE ERROR and I EX says there is no such site *_* but I will try

      Dobiji ALICE is stunning buy the way
      hopeing they release a boy ...as always

      Luts have changed the photos on the site , so they may be back in stock soon:aheartbea
    5. I can't wait to see your Dobigi Alice!! <3

      There are problems right now with some overseas users accessing the site, it's not just you . . . we're working on it, we have no idea what's causing the problem, but our servermaster has been alerted.

      -- A :(
    6. I thought she was pretty, but I had automatically assumed she was minigem size and passed her on. Then I realized she was only a few cm bigger then a banji, and I died a bit inside (as did my wallet)
    7. I wrote to Dobigi a few weeks ago, and yes they are changing them, making them available with clothing optional and changing the faceups according to what they answered me. They also said that they will be raising the price as well. Too bad that I am on a new doll restriction for awhile--I am dying to get a Dobigi.
    8. Bwa? Why are they RAISING the price ;_; I woulda hoped that without the clothes it would be cheaper. The oufits are adorable but I would dress her differently anyways so I would buy a nude one.
    9. here they are

      I LOVE my Alice ...I only hope they release a boy one day ...I dropped Lucy in too
      as someone asked what Lucy was like with them ...she was not happy about having her wig taken off ....its taken me for EVER to find lilac hair for her LOL
      ..and my Banji ...looks kinda sneeky

      ZigZig ..my Dogibi ...is beautifully made poses beautifully
      can wear some of my Blythe shoes ....very very small head ...have yet to make her a wig ..but love her

      ZIGZIG when she arrived
    10. Goodness she is much tinier than I expected! Thank you for the picture, Tinybear, and for including Lucy. You just saved me an unpleasant surprise if I had ordered her. She is so cute, but too tiny for me.
    11. Oh thank you SO much!

      At the same time, DAMN YOU.

      ;_; Now I really want her. A tall gorgeous slender tiny?? Her head is a wee bit smaller the banjis, but I bet if I padded a size 3 wig I can make them look the same.

      I was thinking of doing her, and getting a little peach boy (oriental eyes) for her brother! You own her, would that be closer to her face or would it have to be the normal elf elly boy?

      Oooh I saved this photo, because I only get certain amounts of time on DoA everyday. I love her. I loveherloveherloverher.


      Tinybear why are you so eeeeviiiiiiil.
    12. Tinybear - Queen of Tiny Enabling. :lol:
    13. Terrible she is :(

      Also, Mary Kathryn! Are all three of those lovely girls in your siggy Soom Minigems? I recognize the first two, not sure about the third one :3 They're sooo gorgeous.
    14. Ooooh, Alice's head is so tiny compared to the others. She is really cute but her tiny head sorta puts me off.

      Thank you so much for posting this pic, Tinybear :D
    15. I find a lot of the time dolls remind me of other dolls (not made by the same maker at all)

      for example she reminds me of a MINI minigem soom :) it's the proportions.

      Also, tinybear, GOD YES. If they made a slim lovely boy her size? I would be so happy. ;_; I want more boooooys.
    16. Ahhh. The more I look at her (alice) the more I love her. Her expression is so cute! It's kinda quiet and mysterious, like she knows a great secret but isn't sharing. I'm imagining her like Amelie, and it's tooo perfect.

      Stop me from getting one. ;_;
    17. WHAT?? I just went back and looked at the pics (because I'm kinda smitten)

      and every little finger. is. seperated.


      How utterly perfect can she GET?? I can put RINGS on her. <3<3<3

      oh they just HAVE to make a boy.

      Okay. I need to go lie down or something.

      *Talks to self* I'm cut off. I'm cut off. I'm cut off. XD
    18. Every single finger seperate...she is perfectly made
      its not suprising they are raising the price ..the outfit is just superb quality
      I normally dont keep the default outfits on my dolls

      but this one is awesome
      she has undies ..underskirt , stockings , dress and pinnie ..and head band ..

      I bought a pair of Dollmore Banji shoes for Beren ..my boy ...they are HUGE on him ..perfect on her ..

      her head is tiny ..but with a wig on she looks very natural
      I also like the way the back of her head comes off making it very easy to change her 6mm eyes ...unlike Banji , who gives me nightmares

      her legs are supernatural long ...but again dressed and sitting she looks so natural

      she is a dream ..love her

      "Tinybear - Queen of Tiny Enabling. :lol:"

      giggles sorry ......Im dreadfull ...I most happy with a tiny by my side
      love my Unoa and Narea ...but tinys get to me everytime
    19. Oh wow, I hadn't seen this picture before. Gosh, she is even more delicate-loking than Lucy! She is a tiny beauty. I love that she has larger feet, too. Looks more proportional (and makes finding shoes tons easier)
    20. Tinybear do you know when they are raising the price?? I should really snag a lovely alice before they do!

      I was going to get the red one actually. I think blue is gorgeous, but I have so much alice fanstuff as it is XD