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Comparisons: Brownie vs. Puki Puki

Feb 2, 2010

    1. :dohHelp me. Brownie has started that awesome new event where if you spend so much, you get a free head or dress...well, I now want a Brownie after letting my fingers doing the clicking....

      I also love the Pukis- mainly Sugar and Cupid, and drat, all of them. I have a couple of questions- it looks like the Brownies all have pointed little ears, similar to Pukis, but not all Pukis have pointed ears. It looks like the Brownies all do? am I wrong?

      Also, are the Brownies chunkier than the Pukis? The pukis look a little slimmer....Decisions, Decisions.....:|
    2. Well, I only have a Puki *my brownie is on order :)*

      All Puki's except for the Chocopuki's, and some special event heads have the pointed ears. (I actually think Cupid's pointed ears are a little larger than the others, but not sure.)

      The brownie's have pointed and normal ears, depending on the sculpt.
      Some sculpts come with both I think.. not sure on this maybe one of the Brownie aficionados can correct me?

      But here's a thread with an awesome comparison between the Brownie and Puki bodies.. I used it when picking out which one to get first. :) Hope it helps!

    3. ok brownies are 3mm taller than pukis they are also slightly lighter in tone, as you can see they have a 3 part body, their feet and hands are slightly smaller than pukipuki's
      Fairyland has more intricate face-ups. The brownie is actually a hair more slender
      They have similar posability, but puki's are a more solid reliable body, they are also slightly heavier than Brownies. It is a tough call I have both for that reason and I like both of them
      Momo and Gogo are fairy eared (most puki puki's have pointed ears but they are smaller than the brownie ears, Brownies take a LONNNNGGG time to arrive like 3-4+ months (ORDER THOUGH KARIN) I ordered directly through the company and it took 5 months for me to recieve mine (and i got the wrong head) MAKE sure you are clear what head tou want (fairy ears) Because of price brownies are a good first doll for children. OH Puki's have magnet feet and hands, they are removable and interchangeable, Brownies hands are interchangable but not magnetic, and the feet are strung (there have been some incidence of damage so although they are pretty hardy, NO real tugging unless you know some dolly repair)
      My 2 cents and photo :)[​IMG]
    4. Thank you both for hte comparison link and photos. Is Karin's website the ajumapajuma ? USA site? That is where I was looking. I would like Puki, but the brownies are simply so cute. I saw the special event thread that was posted in the news section, and it appeared that website was in the US?? and the brownies were in stock there...

      I like both for different reasons, but was wanting one of the brownies with less pointed ears,, so it is nice to know that they are about the same size as the Pukis. Thank you both, this helps immensely.
    5. Karin's website the ajumapajuma ? USA site

      YES that is the one I can never spell it :)

      Best of luck with your new little lady :chocoberry
    6. FWIW, I bought my Brownies off of eBay from a seller that distributes Felix Brownies and my wait was faster - 6 weeks.

      Everyone else explained the ear thing quite well already so I won't add more to that. But I have both and I do like my Puki a bit more than my Brownies. I felt after getting 3 Brownies (2 fairy eared, 1 human) and 1 Small Comfort Fairy Baby, I was pretty much done. The new editions IMHO look like the same molds just new clothes & wig combos.
    7. There is a whole thread with image comparisons somewhere.

      Personally, I love my Brownies. However, I find the face molds of Pukis to be cuter.
      The posability of Brownies can't be beaten. The double-jointed torso is fabulous!! And the double joints on the elbows and knees is a dream come true. I wish my larger dolls posed as well as my Brownies.

      The detachable, magnetic feet and hands of the Puki is awesome.

      You CAN detach and change the hands of the Brownie, but I have seen horror stories where the attachment rubber and resin can BREAK...and this scares me away from changing hands often, though I have a ton to spare.

      I do love that the head on the Brownie can be removed so easily. It HAS caused some fright at meetups, though....I dropped my Brownie and her head popped off, and everyone was horrified...and doubly horrified to see that I was so calm about it, knowing full well that the head is on a magnet.

      I do think it's just one of those things where you've got to experience both before making a real decision about which you like better or not. There are pros and cons to both, just like everything in life.
    8. Here it is!:D


      This is a very comprehensive and detailed(with many many photos) comparison of Pukis and Brownies which shows range of posability and overall aesthetic. Big thanks to KillerGoldfish who provided us with such an in depth view of these two dolls:D
    9. Thanks so much, Mitya!!! It was a major deciding factor in my buying a Brownie.

      I realized that for the price of one Puki, I could have two Brownies. :3
    10. Oh you are most welcome, TwistedKitty:D I have to say it was very helpful for me as well! I had a Brownie but ended up selling her as I just didn't care for the body aesthetic and the little face didn't thrill me as much as I had hoped. I still enjoy seeing them and would consider them a worthy choice, they just aren't for me. I love my Puki though, she is an absolute dream:D So what it comes down to is personal preference. Sometimes you have to see them in person to know just where you stand.
    11. I think I want both. :( But thank you for posting the comparison thread, that is so helpful...

      I've also looked at the small comforts, and will probably be ordering one of them once my wallet is solevant again for dollies....sigh..and thank you for the ebay seller link..

      how long does to take for the US site to ship= two months???
    12. Mitya,
      I've been looking at both of these and your post really helps in making the choice. Thank you for the effort!
    13. You are so welcome, Margarita!:D I'm so glad to help! KillerGoldFish deserves the most credit though for making the thread, I just pointed it out:) But I'm glad to have resurrected it as it is so helpful when deciding between these two!