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Compassion Doll

Jan 3, 2018

    1. Hello all! I thought instead of cluttering I the main mature 1/6 thread with talking about these somewhat elusive boys (nonstop, as I do), I would make a thread for it. I know I'm COMPLETELY in love with this artist's dolls...!

      Compassion Doll Taobao (main store)

      EDIT: Taobao is now closed, and as far as I know these dolls are no longer being made.

      As a reminder, since they ARE proving hard to get, I want to make sure that we're careful about not say organizing a group order in this thread... I'm guilty of straying too far in the marketplace direction myself.

      And with that, let the discussion begin!
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    2. That link doesn't seem to work... :(
    3. Link works for me on mobile! Try without an adblocker if you have one and you’re on desktop.
    4. Here, try this link to the taobao shop:

      Meanwhile, I'll just be over here being sad that Cheng is no longer listed, boo hoo hoo.
    5. I thought you guys might be interested in this: someone left a review on one of the Compassion Doll boys on Taobao that had a group image. Pretty good for comparison purposes!

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    6. You'll have to excuse the terrible photo, my camera is horrible in low light, the closeup is blurry and also the flash washes everything out on the full body view, but I wanted to take a quick picture of both of the dolls I've managed to get! Flynn and Elvis (!!!!). Flynn is Pink Normal Skin, and Elvis is White Skin. The difference between the sculpts are striking, although funny little details like the same feet being used on both make me laugh when viewing them together.

      The posing on both of them, but especially Elvis (likely due to his thinner body type), is STUNNING. I can't gush enough about it. All completely double jointed, with sockets that allow the joint to move smoothly. I'll try and snap some pictures of the dolls posing sometime soon if anybody wants to see.

      Other things I've learned: The artist behind Compassion Doll is a bit hard to get a hold of. I missed this round of pre-orders for Goden because it was first-to-message-first-served with only ten slots, and when my shopping deputy friend went to send the message (in under a minute), she made the mistake of thinking that he wanted an actual polite, written-out message to buy. Instead, when he posted the fastest people to message him it was all people spamming stuff like "111" or "an333492". Whoops! OTL

      He also does not answer any questions from potential customers unfortunately, if you have any questions you're at the mercy of your "rivals" in the chat according to my friend (everyone is apparently very nice and tries to help despite technically being competitors for spots) who have been around the block before and know this artist's particular way of doing thigs. Elvis was a complete lucky fluke of a buy, he randomly dropped a message in his chat that he had two in stock, with zero information on how to purchase them. My deputy just took a wild guess and bought it through the Taobao storefront (a completely different process than how Flynn was purchased, which was another completely different process still from how Goden was supposed to be purchased, it gets a bit hard to keep track of!) which turned out to be the right way to get him.

      Basically it's a game of being the quickest on the draw combined with knowing exactly what process he wants you to use in order to get whatever doll he's currently offering. Sorry I can't offer much more info than that, it's pretty hard to get a hold of his stuff. OTL

      Now I need to get a hold of Goden, and my mini-grail Boyd, and I'll be a happy guy!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Edit: Fixed the broken photos. <<;;
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    7. AAARGH lucky lucky lucky. It is so nice to see actual owner photos of these guys, at least! And two different bodies, to boot. Daaaaang, they're nice. (Those huge knobby wrists on the Elvis, though! I guess the big hands don't fit the smaller arms so well.)

      I keep hoping that some day I'll end up with one of these boys, but the artist is such a snowflake that your poor shopping deputy just cannot keep up! She eventually wrote me a very nice note to let me know that she just couldn't do it. It was super nice of her to try, though.
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    8. Ahhhhh they're so beautiful, I am so jealous! Thank you for sharing photos! I do keep holding out hope that one day I can get some of these boys--I got the same email from her that she just could not keep up for more than one person because the artist makes ordering so hard. :') Maybe one day... In the meantime, please do keep spamming photos of your boys! ♥
    9. I just stumbled into this thread and I am head over heels in love with Elvis. I'm really sad to know it's really hard to get one. I have zero Taobao shopping experience as well unfortunately. He's def going on my wish list tho. Gosh he's so cute.
    10. How can I buy from Taobao?
    11. There are a lot of guides for buying from Taobao @Zomboi! Here's just one of them from Tumblr. The long and short of it is that it's easiest to just use an agent. There's a lot to choose from--research your options! For buying from THIS Taobao shop, welp... As far as I can tell, you don't? Unless you get lucky and are trying to order when they are taking Taobao orders...
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    12. Thank you so much! I never looked for Taobao because I thought there are only recasts on there. Maybe we can set up a group order tho? If we find ten people who want the same doll they may be willing to sell to us? (Hope never dies, haha)
    13. It's great to finally see owner pictures of these dolls! It proves they aren't impossible to get a hold of. Though to me it seems way too hard to be worth it. But I'd love to see pictures of anyone else's.
    14. I would be down for a group order for Elvis. I am head over heels in love with him now.
    15. Man, that'd be lovely and I would be in on that immediately, but apparently the artist is extremely a snowflake forever? Like, in order to get a Compassion Doll you have to sit in a chatroom and wait for the artist to say 'oh, I feel artistic, I guess I could make two Elvises this month, first two people to type something in chat get to buy them' and then the chat explodes in people typing '11111' and stuff.

      Compassion Doll isn't a business, really - it's a temperamental artist and the artist's small circle of insular fans - and I think the idea of fulfilling a group order in a business-like fashion would cause the artist to get the vapors. :XD:
    16. I actually asked about group orders and the artist flat out ignored any requests about how many would be worth it, etc... So yep, definitely a snowflake. A snowflake who makes really beautiful dolls I love... :...(
    17. Ugh that sucks. So I will never get a handsome tiny boy :(
    18. I'm not sure I've understand right the message on taobao, but it seem that Compassion Doll doesn't sell dolls anymore? For now at least.
    19. Ugh I tried to buy a head this week and they weren’t accepting orders again too :( hopefully they come back!
    20. That's what it looks like to me too... Not accepting any orders at all for the foreseeable future. I checked the artist's Weibo page too but it wasn't helpful at all... So sad!