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Comprehensive Mini Sized Doll List - please help add to it~!

Apr 19, 2007

    1. Well the list got too large for the post so I made a webpage for it :sweat

      Comprehensive Mini List

      Current Companies on the list include:
      Angel Fantasy, Angel of Dream, Angell-Studio, Angelregion, Asleep Eidolon, B&G, Bluefairy, Bobobie, Castle Anne, Catish, Cerberus Project(LUTS), Cherishdoll, Customhouse, Doll in Mind, Dollmore, Dollstol, Dollstown, Dollzone, Domuya, Dream of Doll, Fancyboots, Gomidoll, Happydoll, Hypermaniac, Latidoll, Limhwa, Migidoll, Mythdoll, N-doll, Narin Doll, Ninodoll, Notdoll Labs, Orientdoll, Peakswood, Pipos, Pretty Work, RML, Secretdoll, Serendipity Doll, Souldoll, SSin, Supia, Unoa(Alchemic Lab), Volks, X-2

      Other helpful resources:
    2. Heres what I have so far:
      (links are helpful too!)
      Limho/Foryou Limwah
      Dream of Child Dream of Doll
      Supia Minisup Supia
      Luts Minifee
      Luts Kid delf
      Dollzone 44
      Volks Mini Super Dollfie
    3. Okay I added more to the list. If someone wants to give me a list of all the Volks models I would appreciate it. I'll add the others later.
    4. One more update. Please if anyone sees anything I've missed let me know (I don't know alot of the more obscure companies and who knows i may have completely spaced and missed a big one too) :lol:
    5. Jerome Full Metal Alchemist exclusive. Volks Mini's Hewittt vers 1 &2 Kurt Toppi SDcute Arashi and Miko just off the top of my head.
    6. wow, that was fast! thanks so much.

      i caught mini fever!
    7. Blue Fairy Jerome is supposed to be discontinued, actually. I wonder if the new Narae/Narin faceplates should be written totally seperate dolls, since they're so different...? Hrm!

      All I can think of right now that you don't have is Mythdoll.
    8. I added mythdoll and bobobie. I guess I'll go look up all the volks models today. Anyone know what gender the leroi snow, little leroi, and leroi's twin are?
    9. Found the volks molds on bunnysneezes if anything is missing please let me know. I am not sure how many other companies there are that make mini sizes but if there are any even if they only make heads please tell me!
    10. I need to know the mini sized dollstown dolls I cannot view their website at work (for some odd reason it is the only doll site blocked) :sweat
    11. dollzone has specific models too, maybe someone who knows tham could list them? i know also a few of them were discontinued.
    12. oh and for unoa the mocha and cream
    13. thanks! I just haven't had time to go and get all the molds yet for DZ
    14. what about Sharmin?
    15. Yeah, for Unoa you should add Cream and Mocha. They are mini-sized. ;)
    16. The Lerois are asexual angel dolls. :) The thing with Jerome is that apparently you can only assemble him from parts because they're discontinuing him from the basic line. This is a very awesome list.
    17. Serendipity dolls are another I've heard....
    18. How about Ssin Doll? http://ssindoll.com/

      They have many MSD-sized dolls.
      Yarn (F or M)
      J (F or M)
      Hoantaru (F or M)
      Pelri (F or M)
      Cat Hoantaru (F)