Conarium Discussion Thread part 1

Aug 18, 2019

    1. These clothing designs look terrific. I hope they will be sold on international sites like Clover Singing or so.
    2. Ahah! :danceI am pinching myself right now. I can not believe that I have won Qingwu head in non-traditional sculpting contest.
    3. Ahh! Congratulations! I cant believe two people from this thread were able to win heads from them! That is awesome! :D
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    4. @Swampruler Thanks a ton for the link!! Just finished a major shopping spree :D
    5. What size eyes to the boys happen to take? I just ordered Litien and Suyu’s head. ♥︎
    6. I am living for that 3rd eye boy :D fantastic~♡
    7. My Xifu will be shipped tomorrow - I ordered her not even a month ago! Now that was quick!
    8. Stacey’s Pink Ocean has all the hands up now.

      Go to hands
    9. Yay more Qingwu's!
      Is that white skin? Looks pretty, mine is normal skin.
    10. @Leader of the Rats

      Thank You.

      I am falling in love with this sculpt more and more everyday. :D I love how detailed the sculpting is, the ears, the nose, the lips. This is my first time seeing a sculpt with such deep nostrils!

      Yes, this is white resin. It has a small yellow undertone.
      [​IMG]Qingwu Conarium

      I love this color so much. :whee:
    11. Ugh I love these guys and I only learned about them about a week ago! I'm desperate for Suyu. I need a doll that's smaller than my big sds but bigger than the msds and that is mature. And these glorious guys fit the bill just right in scale! I just can't afford anything without a layaway :sigh

      So waiting and saving it is!
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    12. I bought Conarium's 43cm female body and shipped it today. I'm so excited!
    13. My Xifu:

      [​IMG]Astarte by Ashemanu, auf Flickr

      She is wearing original Conarium clothing,which is totally overpriced at dealer's shops like Stacy's, e.g. I bought it for 30$ at Conarium's Taobao shop, which is far more realistic regarding the overall quality.

      @MiyaMon Grats to the body! It´s very unique, I totally adore it!
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    14. Oh she's gorgeous! She looks very regal.
    15. My Suyu arrived on Halloween! I hope you have the briefest possible layaway season so you can have yours soon! I ordered a full Litian with Suyu’s head extra and find I much prefer Suyu and that fat upper lip of his. He’s a really different sculpt. :)

      Oh, I don’t if this is always the case but he didn’t come in the sort of box I expected. He was in a beautiful squareish box, kind of curled up on his side. I’ve never seen a doll shipped like that.