Conarium Discussion Thread part 1

Aug 18, 2019

    1. does anyone post pictures of their qingwu? i’m looking to get him but i havent seen many owner pics of him online? i’ll probably just end up getting him anyways but i love to see ur pics ✨
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    2. @Snowy - Thanks for the comparison photo.
    3. Does anyone know if the artist has an Instagram or flickr? I'm in love with Suyu but I'm not a fashion doll person.
      I want to follow the artist to see if they create any sculpts that would be SD or larger sized.
    4. I do not know if he has any, but he has weibo account 微博

      He also makes 1/2 dolls and sd dized doll stands/candle holders with heads.

      Moreover, he worked with Spiritdoll. I know for certain what he made 1/2 dolls for them. But I do not know if he sculpted anything else for them. In general both parties have the similar sculpting and aesthetics.
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    5. Ahh Weibo, I've seen several of my favorite artists using that website. If only I could understand Chinese, lol.
      none of the spiritdoll sculpts share that beautiful aesthetic he has, in my opinion, but their bodies match the aesthetic and I do love them.
      Thank you for sharing what you do know, I appreciate it.

      And anyone who owns a Suyu, let me know so I can stalk your social medias and stare at his beautiful face. :lol: