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Conarium Doll Discussion

Jul 15, 2018

    1. Discussion thread for Conarium's dolls and heads.


      Finally found a decent looking outfit that fits my Lilith!

      I would love to see some other Liliths and Eves out there, also if anyone has any questions about them, I'd be more than happy to answer with what I know!

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    2. I kinda want to buy the Virgo head and use it like an ornament, but 300 usd for it blows me away.
    3. She is gorgeous @Melissa ! Is it very difficult to pose her?
      I want a conarium doll, but Im holding out in hopes that the artist creates a boy body.
    4. That's amazing you have a Conarium! I only discovered them a month ago and noticed their measurements are even larger than the Dollmore Trinty dolls :love but I like that the Conarium body is more childlike. I really want a Lilith!

      How big are her hands compared to your own? I noticed you have the jointed hands on her in the first post photo - do you prefer those to the original hands?
    5. I have an 80cm doll that doesn't give me any issues posing, but... this doll is something else. It's... really nothing like "posing a doll" it's more like "posing a dead body." She's heavy beyond the ability of the friction of the resin to grip, and while she has pegged joints to make posing easier, moving her and dressing her and doing anything at all complicated with her is quite difficult. One of her arms is larger than an MSD, so just posing a single arm is like posing a doll in-itself. Even just standing her up is rather frightening. I've never handled a Trinity before, but I imagine they are similar.

      I do much prefer to jointed hands, I have to get mine painted still, but I think they're very nicely made, they look nice and move nice, I'm quite happy with them. The regular hands just seem stiff in comparison. They were a huge pain to swap out though, the hooks were just too deep and tight to want to latch.

      They're the size of a child's hands.

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    6. @Melissa She's amazing! I like the larger size. One question, since the body is one piece, do you think it would be better if it was more like the Trinity body? I was wondering if, at that size, if posing was going to be difficult enough without extra joints. Was the faceup done by Conarium? I agree that the jointed hands would be the way to go. I'm impressed, thank you for sharing! Would love to see more pics...
    7. Yeah, that is also what is stopping me from getting Scorpio. I really like the head, but I don’t want the candlestick part and that price, omg.

      What sizes of clothes have you found that fit Lilith? She seems like she could wear some cute things.
    8. I've never handled a Trinity before so I can't say exactly how that joint works in-person, however I don't feel it would really be beneficial for the Conarium. It's heavy enough that I think it would just make the doll unstable rather than help with posing.

      The face-up was done by Conarium, I'm a little so-so feeling about it. The lips are nicely done, but I feel the eye areas are a little amateurish compared to what is available third-party.

      She wears roughly a girl's Small in the US, between a size 3-6, average 4-5. There's not a whole lot I've really found available that's very nice, children's clothing isn't really made in the nicest colors and fabrics for what is widely available.
    9. Wow! I've never seen any pictures of anyone who had one of these dolls! I have wanted one since I saw them in April or so. My husband refuses to let me buy her, because he said it creeps him out. I'm going to keep begging and hope he caves in, though! lol...
      How well does she stand? Do you have more pictures you can share? Maybe seeing her in clothing will help my husband change his mind! :P
    10. @cchenique Did you check out Melissa's Flickr and Instagram? @Melissa has lots more really nice pictures there. Though I wouldn't mind seeing lots more....
    11. @Melissa she’s beautiful and so are your photos, I love the lighting and mood, so good! On the more technical side, I’d love to see some side-by-side comparisons of her (and her hands, head, etc) with other sizes of dolls. I’m wondering too how her details and posing will compare to a Trinity.
    12. @dollhausen Yeah! But most of the pictures show the doll nude, which is what creeps my husband out, since she looks like a real child.
    13. She's been pretty low on my photo priority, but if there's interest, yes I can definitely work on photos of her.

      She's easily my most difficult doll to pose, Conarium tags are restricted tags, I don't have many followers, and I didn't get her outfit until this weekend, and my main interest has been in having my Eve head finished before investing a lot of time in her, but I'm fairly happy with the way she looks right now, so I'll do more this weekend.

      I don't currently have access to a Trinity right now but I'll be moving in a month and maybe someone closer will have one then.
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    14. Man, I really like some of the cuter kid’ casual clothes, so that is a plus. SPO said they could work out a layaway with her last time I asked too, so that is just even more tempting. We are going to need more pictures and maybe a video showing off her mobility and working with her. :3
    15. Wow, it's so lovely to see your doll!!! I have a Conarium Eve, though it would be nice to get the Lilith head sometime. I don't really have any photos to share of mine, because she's still in the works. I bought her blank, but I haven't been able to do her faceup myself. I'd like to send her out, but I'd also like to get her body blushed, so maybe I'd send her in pieces? It's so nice to see someone else's, I'm glad I'm not the only one crazy enough to get such a large doll haha.
    16. That’s awesome we have two Conarium owners on DoA! I’d love to see any and all photos you and @Melissa can provide!
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    17. Nothing special, she's still in the works, but here she is in a sweater I knit for her!
      [​IMG]Eve by A J, on Flickr
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    18. That sweater looks great on her!
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    19. I got my Eve head back from being painted, just need to redress her now...


      Pretty happy with how it came out, the default face-up is a little sad looking in comparison...
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    20. Wow, that's amazing. Really nice work. I bet you're happy. Show us pics when she's clothed.