concept vs result

Jul 20, 2020

    1. Have you ever had a concept for a doll and completely changed it?
      I wanted to make a cute innocent angel. What came out is a sexy devil.
      Surprisingly I like it, though this wasn't planned at all... xD
      The reason it happened was because I wanted to use red eyeshadow and it became a little too red. I didn't remove it because technically it looked good.

      Tell me about your concept vs reality and how it happened.
    2. My first doll was supposed to be gothic Sephiroth inspired. He ended up white blond/green haired (he switched off), jeans and T-shirt wearing artist and model with s nose ring and ancient Egyptian style eyeliner. He also started out shy with low self esteem and ended up a little overly confident.
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    3. That happens ALLLLL the time. You get used to it after awhile. XD
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    4. Now, let me preface this by saying that my dolls are always well behaved resin people who slide right into their preconceived characters with ease...UNTIL my PicotPrince Makoto head arrived!:doh I was absolutely thrilled to find this very rare head in the marketplace because he looked just like a character I’d been wanting to shell for years (a delightful femboy with lots of pink.) I did his face-up and pink wig, which turned out just as I’d envisioned, and proceeded to begin sewing his wardrobe. I carefully laid out the fabric I’d purchased for this project, pinned the pattern pieces in place, grabbed my scissors, and...nothing! I absolutely couldn’t make myself cut into the brightly colored fabric. Perplexed, I slowly walked around the table with the scissors in hand, still staring at the fabric and trying to figure out what just happened. I even gave it a day or two’s worth of no avail. Eventually I realized that my colorful, happy femboy really wanted to be a brooding, nature-inspired Mori boy instead. I laid out the greens and browns, and suddenly within a couple of weeks this boy had a 20 piece wardrobe!
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    5. Yes, it happened to me!
      I have to say, like the ones from @PoeticSoul, usually my dolls characters fit their sculpts pretty well with none to minor changes in terms of aestethics, personalities, stories... BUT every family has a black sheep.

      My SoulDoll Vito boy, Edgar, was supposed to be this serious guy, a little self-centered, independent and almost cold, with black hair and beard and he was going to be very elegantly dressed all the time.
      When the sculpt arrived home and I tried the stuff I had bought for him, he wouldn't want to cooperate at all (like he didn't even want to keep his wig in place even if it was the right size). And everytime I placed him with the other dolls he was to live with I could tell he wasn't willing to be the person I had envisioned.
      Not much later I found out who he really is now: this funny and handsome sporty-type guy who likes to mess with you and make you laugh, who loves movies, eating and travelling the world... and I just love him like that.
    6. I don't make "characters" for my dolls, actually, the only reason I name them at all is for the sake of doll profiles here. However, I always picture what they should look like in my head, and oftentimes, the image is very grand and unobtainable. I'll start to execute my plans and sometimes it doesn't quite land where I would like! Rarely there will be a happy accident though, and I'll end up liking it more than my initial concept.

      I like to think of each iteration of a doll's look as a learning experience. I'm learning to better my faceup and sewing skills so that someday my visions can become a reality! But there should always be room for changes in your designs. Surprising yourself is always fun!
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    7. Yes :XD:

      My first doll (Doll Chateau - Lydia) was supposed to bring to resin life my fantasy witch character. . . Well two problems:
      • One, my faceup skills weren't up to snuff
      • Two, neither were my sewing skills
      So completely discouraged, I decided to change her look entirely. I made her the FlowerHead Mother from another little story of mine. And I loved it! But I was missing my witch so I once again scrapped the design and restarted. Now she looks how I envisioned! I guess I came full circle in the end lol

      With my second girl (Doll Leaves - Hily) I was gonna give her dramatic gothic makeup but it didn't feel like my style. It felt like I was copying other artists' styles. So I softened her makeup on round two. I think once her new wig arrives she will look how I want her to. :dance
    8. Oh good Gods, YES. My very first doll Impka Fae (ResinSoul Mei)! I fell in love with her at first sight like a day after I started considering getting into the hobby and began looking at dolls. She looked so sweet and innocent in her stock photos, I thought I'd name her Juniper and dress in in pastels and girly clothes... Nope. She got her and did NOT want that name. Okay, fine... Found her a name that fit better. Started with pretty clothes and soft colors... N O P E. She wanted BLACK, and EDGEY. So now she's an edgy, rebellious goth with a punk flair. And also apparently has the Big Gay ™. She just gives of huge intimidating hot lesbian vibes. :lol: Oddly enough, my next doll (ResinSoul Song in Rong body in lilac) was bought with no plan and SHE decided to be my fragile (Spoonie like me), pastel j-fashion girl. So she ended up as Juniper Sidhe!
    9. My concept for my very first doll was based off of an original character I had for many years. He was supposed to have emerald green eyes, brown hair and a fashion sense which consisted of basic blouses and jeans.

      While waiting for my doll I realized that the sculpt was inspiring something new and had to react. I’d realized that the expression and look didn’t match that original character and the route I needed was to create someone entirely new. The dolls new look has dark hair and eyes that give him a edgier tone. His clothes are mostly street wear inspired or gothic in nature.

      Overall I am so pleased with the result and I’m glad that I really made his aesthetic true to his sculpt and what inspired me. :)
    10. Funny how this came up because that's exactly what happened!! I don't usually have characters for my dolls since I like changing them up with every photo shoot. But usually because of their wig and face-up, they tend to have a set look? (I usually adopt pre-loved dolls). Recently I had adopted a Villitunes Mimichu who is a pastel mint mouse and I had wanted to make her into a casual street girl to contrast her fantasy sculpt. However she came in this pastel pink unicorn fluff hair and frilly dress and all I was thinking was WHAT A CUTIE ! :XD: Im not usually attracted to pastel lolita looks but... I may have to make an exception for this little one haha
    11. Due to my overprotectiveness and paranoia, I have absolutely just done away with the idea of modding my dolls to fit their canon character selves. I have characters with tattoos, piercings, one is even missing an eye and a whole arm. And I just...can't do it because I have big, great fears something will go wrong.

      They're all basically plainer versions of themselves. I've made peace with it; I'll always know :XD:
    12. Vince in concept was more of a troublemaker, but when he arrived he was just too sweet and cuddly for that! He also wound up being ace like me, when that wasn't originally part of my concept for him. It just fit him, even though despite his youthful appearance he's not a child character and I'd originally thought he might eventually 'want' a love story
    13. At first I've wanted to create a similar character doll after a Japanese stage play model. :D
      But somehow the character has developing by itself into something more diversity in it's clothes way, behavior, … etc.. And it's not strange at all. Writers do that all the time. ;)
      My first doll is still on it's way. Probably he'll tell me something more about himself, when he arrives at my home. Well, his concept development is not over, yet – and I'm happy about it. :kitty2