{CONFIRMED} Soom Carnel & Olivine discontinued D:

Jan 20, 2010

    1. ((Confirmation on later replies))

      Please, does anyone has info on this?
      I was just now wandering through the new Monthly Doll Chalco and then I went to the Super Gem page. What isn't my surprise to see Olivine's gone!?

      Did I miss something? A warning before or stuff like that?
      Anyways, I'm sure it's not a problem with my pc, the page really shows only Lupin, Dia, Spinel and Lazule D:
      Is there any official position of Soom about this?

      (Yes, I really loved that doll, and pretended to order her, not so soon, but I was going to D: )
    2. Yep, I've seen too that Olivine isn't on Soom's site anymore. There was some other Super Gem taken off and also a Mecha Angel, but I can't remember which dolls those were. Soom hasn't actually warned about this and I was pretty surprised, too. :|
    3. That's too bad...Olivine was quite pretty.

    4. Oh it's Carnel! he was considerably new, so I didn't remember him at once D:
      he's gone too, as it seems

      Well if they didn't say anything I feel less lost, but still frustraded. ó_o

      I'm going to check wich MechaAngel is the victim o_o
    5. Rex was the Mecha Angel that was taken off. I noticed that his was missing a few days ago, but hoped I was wrong.
    6. Genesblues, actually Rex is still on sale on the page, the victim seems to be Meisa, another kinda new doll.

      My guess is that on their demand for ID_ealian production and realization as label they'll discontinue the dolls that have the lowest sale.
      It makes sense, but still, they could've warned before D:
    7. actually,meisa is still available, she just happens to be not for sale this month.
      only certain dolls are offered per month, on a revolving schedule.
      in the announcement for this month's dolls it mentions that rex is discountinued.

    8. Yes, I see. My concern was about the actually missing dolls on the sale pages, so as I could check now, both Meisa and Rex are there, just in the usual "sold out" status.

      What brings me back to the Olivine and Carnel thing, cuz they're really not there D:

      edit: I'm gonna ask Soom, and post any reply a.s.a.p.
    9. :sweat Oh, good - I'm glad I'm wrong. He's too hot to go. LOL

      But that's strange/sad about Carnel and Olivine. I understand the desire to cut back to their best-sellers only, but the newer dolls haven't had time to gain much of a following.
    10. I really liked Carnel and planned on ordering him one day :( . I wish they would warn about these things
    11. Drat. I was really hoping to get a NS Olivine. Sigh.

      I really wish they would post advance notice of these changes so we can get orders in before they discontinue the sculpts. I realize they may not want a glut of orders to handle, but the lack of notification is disheartening.
    12. I agree with you guys D:

      And no answer from Soom yet~*
    13. Rex has been taken off the Mecha Angel sales page...
      I'm gonna go cry now...
    14. If soom will discontinue Rex and Olivine that would be real a shame!Don't why Rex..i think he's the been of MA series.

    15. Oh My. I got an answer, and it's kinda sad.
      I wrote asking about Carnel and Olivine, that was the kind, though sad reply:

      I didn't ask about Rex, but if it goes the same as the others, if the doll simply disappear from the sale page, better start concering about it D:

      Thanks Dolly! Nice to know there's other place still selling her, though I guess they'll sell all there is in stock, then bbye Olivine.
    16. That's sad. But they did put up a notice on the MA site that Rex was
      going to be retired. I guess the problem is they didn't announce it
      in the title. Rex was one of the first large dolls from Soom that I
      liked, so I'm sad he's gone. Everyone who managed to snag
      Carnel should feel pretty fortunate...he definitely wasn't around
      for very long!!
    17. I'm sad about Olivine :...( I really liked her, she never got a chance to get off ground. I reckon Soom should have announced it first before taking her off, because a lot of people were maybe waffling before buying her.

      And Rex is a profitable MA - it just seems like a bad business move to me. I mean, it doesn't even cost them anything to keep these dolls available.