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Confused @_@

Aug 4, 2009

    1. Argh I've been searching all over DoA for information but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for! XD;

      I plan all my dolls around height, and I was looking through the MSD sizes comparing thread, and saw that a 'LatiDoll' was about 45cm, or taller. I'm interested in looking more into this kind of doll, but I went to http://latidoll.com and I have NO idea what the difference in colors is. @_@ I'm trying to find an MSD sized doll that will be taller than my DollZone boy, but I don't know what a red/blue/yellow/green/whatknot means!

      Plus I would like to see body pics, face pics, whatknot and so forth that way I know if this doll is worth investing in. Any help would be SO appreciated!
      I'm not really a n00b to doll owning, but I only know stuff of the brands my current dolls are. xD I know crap about anything else. :(

    2. This is in the wrong forum! LOL! The colors are Lati's way of coding the sizes of their dolls...and lati blues (the mini size) are not bigger then DZ msd's. i dont think their are many dolls if not any that are taller then DZ msd's.
    3. Aah! My bad, sorry!

      Thank you for the info!
    4. How about Iplehouse? They're pretty big, though also voluptuous, so that may not fit?...

      Scratch that, they're only 43cm tall :P
    5. According to their respective websites, Dollzone boys are 45cm and Lati Blue boys are 46cm.
    6. If you want a Lati in the MSD range, you're looking at the Lati Blues. I have three of them and I love them. You should go check out the Lati Blue thread in this forum; there's lots of good information there. Lati Blue boys have an awesome body sculpt, tower over other MSDs and the faces are really detailed. They are the manliest on the market.
    7. I'd look for comparisons in the photo request area - Lati Blues and Dollzone are both on the tall end of mini, but I think the Latis might be very slightly taller. Tall boots can help, too.

      I'm not more help, because my Lati Blue head is on a DOC body and is actually the SHORTEST of my group!
    8. Oooh, thank you very much everyone!! I don't really want a buff manly body, just a tall, lanky boy. I will check out the link and search for a Lati Blue thread. XD

    9. If you want tall and lanky, Blues are a good bet. Just get the B-type body, which isn't muscular. But they're really tall and have super long legs.... It says 46 on the Lati website, but I'd definitely say it's a 46/47 barefoot without a wig. (Rei is 47 barefoot and bald). Have fun searching! (Oh, and if you look on the Lati website under FAQ and/or Parts, you can find pictures of the body... chienism has also done some comparisons links to which she posted in the Lati Blue thread.)
    10. Yeah, I was looking at the non-muscular line now that I know sort of how to find it. XD

      Thank you for the links, chienism! Super helpful. :D

      Now I worry if the LatiBlue will tower over my a-line MNF. XD;
    11. He will, but in a good way. I like to work with a 1/4 scale. so the 46 cm Lati Blues are just over 6 feet in scale. The boy MNF are 42 cm and are respectively 5' 6" which means they are the shorties of the bunch. Hope this helps.
    12. Wow, that puts it in a neat perspective. XD Thanks!

    13. Here's a pic of Latiblue boys with Unoas and a Minifees. I think they look fine side by side. Both of my boys have the non-muscular body-- "beautiful line". MNF Shushu is in the middle on the lower level.

    14. welp i guess i was wrong. :P but all i have is a lati blue girl...so i guess i didnt have much to go on. :D
    15. Chopsart, do you have a male MNF? And if you do could you maybe take a pic of them together? :3
    16. Warumono-- No MNF males in my crew ATM, maybe one day. I am sure someone will post a pic of a Latiblue boy next to a MNF boy. I can post a pic of Latiblue next to a Dollmore male if that helps.