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Conquering the Bust: Help with Luts Type 4 Clothes

Aug 29, 2016

    1. I've been trying for a while to find a decent source for clothing for my LUTs type 4 senior delf body but alas, those curves are real!

      Certainly, loose clothing can do the job, loose dresses are usually a safe bet, but if I find something I like that might be a little tight, it's a deal breaker. Even DDDY clothing is hit and miss with this body, I've found that the bust is a similar size to that of DDDY, but it sits higher on the chest and stands "out" more, making clothing so tricky! On top of that, the Luts type 4 booty can also be a pain, but is usually much more manageable than the crazy bust.

      Even on the LUTS website I can only think of a few outfits that might fit their larger size, but that leaves me with almost no choice or variety.

      I'm thinking of downgrading to a type 3 body for one character, but for another character, for accuracies sake I'd prefer to go with the type 4. Any ideas out there of clothing that fits the Type 4 body? Can DDDY do the job enough of the time, or is there another kind of body classification that I've missed?
    2. Generally I go with SD16, Super Gem or DDdy clothes, but then character wise my girl doesn't mind the odd nip slip. I have had pretty good luck for the most part looking at those three categories. I don't know if that helps any though, sorry.