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Consistency of Doll in Mind Minimee Head Size

Aug 19, 2008

    1. Hello!

      Basically, I want to know the consistency of the Minimee head sizes so I'm asking the general public about their opinion.

      How big are your recent Minimee heads? 8-9? Compared to your other dolls?

      Any help at all will be appreciated! Thanks!
    2. My Sakurai Atsushi head, from earlier this year, can wear my 8-9 Kanalong J-pop wig just fine (it does have a stretch cap).
      If you'd like, I can take a comparison pic with a Nanuri 07, Breakaway Vamp 08, Abio Angel Qi, and Dollzone (I believe Recall) heads.

      Hope this helps. :3
    3. That would be fantastic too! ^__^

      It would help me see if a Minimee head would fit in with the others and to estimate what body it fits.
    4. Alrighty, I got some pics. :3 Sorry for the blurriness of some of them, bad lighting in my room and my hands shake. x_x;;
      Please excuse the plushies and stuff, I needed them to hold up the heads. XD;;

      Here's all of them together.

      There are quite a few pictures, so I put them in a Photobucket folder. http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm71/LDSalesStuff/Comparisons/

      And here's Sakurai in my Kanalong wig. It fits nice and snug.

      If you need any other pictures, I'd be happy to take more. I also have a couple of Luts wigs on the way (one's his), so if you'd like to see him in those just let me know. :3
    5. LupusDarkmoon, that is really very helpful! Thank you so much! ^___^
    6. You're very welcome! I'm glad to have helped. x3
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    7. I think Denny's sculptors now use a base head for all their sculpting, so heads should be approxomately the same size nowdays. It was just those first few batches that were a bit strange size-wise. I can bring my minimees along on the weekend for you to look at if you want. ;D
    8. My minimee wears an 8-9 wig--any larger would definitely be too big. He's about the same size as my other guys, just shaped a bit differently since he's more realistic (more long less round).
    9. Loki - *adores on you* It would be so awesome to see them in real life... *_*

      Taco - Thank you! I think the reason why I was worried was because I was looking at a picture of a recent minimee head and it just seemed big to me. Perhaps it was just a not-very-good body match.
    10. It depends, for most of the minimees, they're modeled from celebrities with 80% realism. The heads look big because of how realistic they are, and we all know what human proportions look like. But to dollie proportions, they're quite normal actually. Minimee heads are also longer, compared to the regular dolls which are more squashed.
    11. The minimee heads tend to look a little bobbleheaded on most bodies. In my experience they actually have less of a problem in that regard than most "celebrity dolls" which are generally HUGE heads stuck on an obviously smaller body. In the case of the Minimees, if you choose a decent body, the size difference is often not that noticeable, especially after the doll is wigged up and dressed. Most of the large size of the Minimee heads is in the crown of the head, i.e. what goes under the wig.

      I will say that putting a Minimee head on a regular old SD13, Luts Delf or equivalent body is probably not going to work as you need something bigger. You can check out bodies in the "Minimee Resin Comparison" thread in the Gallery or in the "Minimee Discussion" thread in General Discussion.