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Constantly changing collection

Oct 23, 2019

    1. My doll collecting is beginning to feel like a resin version of speed dating. I've been in the hobby for a year and have bought then sold maybe 5 ish dolls! I have one doll at the moment but am considering selling him too. Maybe it is because I choose dolls based on price? I have gotten every doll secondhand/very cheap. I also sometimes trade dolls for fun so I end up with dolls that way as well.

      What I want/get out of the hobby keeps changing! I will always enjoy the social aspect. I used to like taking pics of the dolls so more meant more interesting pics. As weird as it sounds, having too much stuff around stresses me out. When I had a few dolls at a time it was too much!

      Right now I'm considering getting my first NEW doll, one that I saw and liked rather than felt attracted to because of the cheap price tag. I want to plan out and start a blog with him. I started a blog recently, did it for a week and got bored! Not sure if this time around will be different because of what I learned from the last time..

      But why would this new doll be different from the others? If something doesn't directly help me achieve my goals I no longer see a need to keep it in my life. If I blog with this doll it will be helping me achieve my goal of writing. I could potentially blog with the doll I have but he is not realistic like I want. Life is full of compromises but in the doll hobby why settle when you don't have to?

      Can anyone relate to this? Does anyone have any general thoughts about this?

      Thank you!
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    2. I have an inkling of how you feel. I got my first doll because it was cheap, and though I was excited to have it at the time, I quickly learned that price sometimes really does equal quality, and now I want to sell it. When I started getting dolls because I loved them, and not because of the price, I had so much more fun in the hobby.

      I definitely recommend looking around a lot and finding something that really grabs your attention regardless of the price. Wait a while and see what you keep coming back to and fawning over; that one is probably something that would stay in your collection. Good luck finding the perfect doll!
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    3. I started out with MSDs just because they were much cheaper than bigger sizes (which I actually adored more!). I was okay with them for a while but after some time, I found an SD boy I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with. Although he cost almost two times as much as the MSDs I would previously buy, I ordered him.

      That was when I discovered that I actually prefer bigger dolls and MSD is not really my size. Now I'm at the point of making big changes and reducing the amount of BJDs in my collection - because I've found that having what you really enjoy is far more important than buying something cheap for the sake of having anything :kitty2
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    4. It's completely understandable when trying out a new hobby. Sometimes the fun is in the acquisition and bring home a bunch of different sculpts. Over time I've figured out that unless it's a sculpt I really want, the price shouldn't be the most important aspect. There was a time when I searched out really cheap sculpts but it was fortunate that it didn't take long for me to decide that method wasn't for me. I would love to have a huge collection and just bring home whomever I want, but my time and space limitations are way more important.

      Maybe if you're just curious about seeing dolls in real life, try searching for a local group of collectors to meet with? I enjoy dressing the dolls, making outfits, and taking pictures, but I've also really liked making friends IRL that share a common interest. It's helped me to not impulse buy nearly as much.

      I personally collect a mix of pre-loved and new dolls and I like to change eyes, hair, and clothing to make them what I want. Sometimes I'll enhance existing faceups or wipe them blank and send them to be customized. The customizing aspect is the most fun for me and helps me to decide whether or not to keep a doll around. But then sometimes it really doesn't work out or my ideas shift and on they go.

      There's so many aspects to this hobby that there's really no wrong answers. It just may take you more time to find your happy place.
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    5. After 13 years in this hobby, from experience I can assure you that what you’re going through is entirely normal. The opportunities in this hobby are far ranging and suited entirely to personal exploration, experience and interpretation. It’s what makes this hobby so fascinating! Every person is unique and the way they enjoy their hobby is different. I can remember my first year, all the things I tried and experimented with...and what a great time I had doing it! If a doll didn’t work out in the end, I sold it to another appreciative collector, took the money and moved onto try something else. This is a very effective way to learn and refine your tastes. This may be all you’re going through right now...just the natural ebb and flow of learning what your personal aesthetic truly is. Don’t be afraid to experiment and move on if it feels right to you. And don’t feel perplexed if your collecting feels like a revolving door right now. That may very well change, and even if it doesn’t there are many collectors who embrace the revolving door as a way to enjoy great variation in their hobby. It’s all good!:)
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    6. Thank you! I love this response:) it makes me feel more 'normal'. I don't really get attatched to things anymore. Things come and go and thats ok :) i appreciate your insight!

      Totally! Thank you so much :) I'm considering trying to give my current doll a faceup. I have made a wonderful irl friend because of bjds. Making real world connections is a huge part of the hobby :)

      Yes! SD is where its at :) and you are 100% right. Thank you:)

      Thank you! I'm going to give it a go :)
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    7. Just like @PoeticSoul suggested, it's okay to just accept that one might be a revolving door owner. Once i accepted this about myself, I"ve been feeling much better. Before I used to get angry at myself that I can't hołd onto one doll or style.

      This approach to collecting helps me to enjoy many dolls without getting too stressed that I own too much stuff at once and got my house cluttered etc.

      This change in attitude actually helped me with other areas too. I used to have a tough time with my own clothes etc. Now I also got to undeerstand that things come and go and that it's okay :)
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    8. Totally! Thank you :)
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    9. I started with SD size, tried out mini's which I don't enjoy as much, then won a tiny at a convention and I was smitten. Never would I have purchased one on my own. Now they are my favorite and they barely take up any space so they don't cause over crowding!
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    10. That does sound nice! I had 4 SD size dolls at one time and they took up WAY too much room. Thanks for the response:)
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    11. With how spread out this hobby is and with the limited number of dolls out there, sometimes you have to buy a doll yourself if you want to see if it's right for you. A good thing about this hobby is that dolls tend to retain value, so if you turn around and sell a doll soon after purchasing it you may be able to get your initial input back. Sometimes even more. I'll admit, I flipped a doll before. Bought it because it was a great deal and sold it for 50% more soon after. Though I did hold on to it for a couple weeks to see if I liked it, it just wasn't for me. That's not really a sustainable business practice in this hobby but it can happen.

      My first year in the hobby was very revolving door too. In one week I bought 3 dolls (secondhand) and they all came in in the same week! I only have one of those dolls in my possession now. I've probably sold more dolls than I've kept, and I've traded about that many too. But so what if you see a secondhand doll for a good price and decide to 'try' it out? That's how 3 of the dolls I'll never sell came about. It's how I've found that I like SD and YoSD sizes best. Plus I very much like buying secondhand because long wait times on new make me super antsy, so unless I want something specific I usually buy pre-loved.
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    12. @Rochellesdollydays Are you me??? Your post sounds pretty much exactly like me in my first few years of the hobby, and even now, almost 12 years in, I'm still kind of like that.

      I definitely think buying based on price versus a doll you love makes a difference. About 3-4 years into the hobby I had 38 dolls, plus a couple of heads. :o Except for my first two that I bought on a budget, but because I loved the sculpts, every other doll I had was something I got really cheap, bought in pieces and built (terrible) hybrids or got offered in a random trade. I didn't love any of those dolls, and I was completely overwhelmed by having so many, especially having so many without proper clothing, shoes, nice wigs or eyes. They felt like clutter and it was a really bad feeling. More dolls isn't better when you're not satisfied with any of them.

      I ended up selling off almost all of them, then starting new. I kept the very few who meant something to me, sold the rest, then bought a few more that I really liked. I promised myself to keep it under 20, and that they all need good quality clothes and accessories. If I'm not motivated to put in the work to make the doll the best it can be, then I don't need to have that doll. If I hit 19 and want another doll, I make myself consider if I'd be willing to sell one of the others to get that new one. I'm currently at 17 dolls, and have a few on my wishlist, so I'm asking myself that question right now. Who would I be willing to sell to bring this new one home?

      Still, I do change up my collection often. My first doll is the only one who has stuck with me since the beginning, and I only keep him because his sentimental value is higher than his current secondhand value. He's not at all what I'd want in a doll now. I role play with my sister, so our dolls' stories are written together. I bond with the dolls when their story is very active, but once it comes to an end, I sell off most of those dolls, then start a new group. I'm more of a creator than collector, really. I get bored having the same thing forever, whether it's home decor, hair color, scenery or dolls! And if you find you're that kind of hobbyist, there's nothing wrong with it! Dolls aren't living things like pets or children, there's no obligation to give them a forever home, and even if they no longer stay with you, they might make someone else very happy.

      I think most people take a year or longer to figure out what they really want from the hobby. Sometimes that means buying the wrong dolls, trying them out, deciding what you do or don't like, then trying something different. Even if you start out with The One, tastes can change over time and they might not always be right for you. Even if you do keep that doll forever, you might still want to change up the style, wig, eyes, even character over time. Time changes everything, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. :)
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    13. Yes! I love how you say you are a creator more than a collector! That is exactly it! Thank you so much :)
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