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[Contest] "Give him your heart...and a name"

Dec 30, 2006

    1. [​IMG]

      The Rules for the Contest:

      1. Each person can submit one name for him.
      2. Email to "elfdoll_manager@hotmail.com"
      If more than one person submits the winning name, whoever sent the name in first will win.
      3. The due date is 10th January, 2007 ( 9pm PST )

      *** The winner will get one FREE new boy from Elfdoll Inc. ***

      Should you have any questions email Ms.Cholong. She will support you with her best.

      Elfdoll Inc.
      www.elfdoll.com/ www.elfdollclub.com

    2. He DOES look like Christian Bale... When will he be released?
    3. How tall will he be, and how much would he go for? He is totaly gorgeous! *fans herself*
    4. When will the winners be announced? I'm excited to see more! (I've sent in my e-mail. x3)
    5. Judging from the photos, I think February 1st. =3
    6. I'm curious to know when the winners will be announced as well, is there a discussion thread for it?
    7. There is now :)

      Discussion thread

      - Liz
    8. Just noting that several chatty posts have been moved to the discussion thread. Please only post questions and information/answers here. Thank you! :daisy
    9. Do we have to include an explaination, or just the name?