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Converse for Minis?

Aug 11, 2005

    1. Does anyone know where I can find converse sneakers for minis? Or if there even are any converse sneakers for minis at all? Thanks. :D
    2. There are knee high ones on ebay sometimes but it's a real hassle to put them on unless you have one of the more slender dolls, like Unoa or Sharmin.
    3. i'm 99.9% sure that doll-hobby.com sells the knee high cons. but im too lazy to check so oh well :oops: :oops:
    4. Well, if you want low tops that at least have the look (but aren't all canvasy and exact), Tallina's S413 shoes are great. I think I got size 5 (remember, measure your doll's foot against the chart and pick the size one bigger than what looks like an exact fit). They're what I got for his Omi cosplay.

      Now, before I got those, I was looking at MSD canvas shoes that looked like they had real rubber soles and everything. They came in all kinds of colors.

      I just... can't... remember... it was "Cancan" or J-something
    5. Ajumapama had some cute high-top Converses in their last preorder. The colours on the shoes was different in EU and USA-preorders, EU got pink ones and USA got some kind of manycoloured print. Both were really cute though.
    6. I have a pair of leekeworld hightops for my msd. The quality is great and they look very realistic.
    7. Does anyone have pics of their LeekeWorld MSD low tops or high tops on their doll? I'd love to see the fit.
    8. I got 2 pairs from key chains, 1 black 1 red.. the black were the right (both sides) and the red were left (both sides again) so I can just have them wear 1 black 1 red, but then I just flipped the soles of 1 side each and voila! They fit really well too..
    9. i found 1 on dz(im a worshiper of dz dolls and admit it) except thier in mud brown almost-knee-high. ya. it would work w camo do, rite?
    10. piccadilly, I'll see if I can get a picture later today.