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Copy Cats! - does it bother you if someone tries to copy your doll's style/looks?

Jan 19, 2006

    1. Although there are many types of dolls out there and each are practically handmade individually, we all can't help but buy the same popular doll molds or same wigs or same clothes sometimes.

      So I've been wondering, does it bother you if you see another doll who looks like yours both intentionally or unintentionally (they just happen to have the same taste as you and so they bought similar clothings/wigs)? Or if you know someone who tries to make their doll look like yours??

      I personally haven't come accross any dolls like this (more than likely my dolls are gross so noone would want to copy anyway ^^;;), but if there were, I think I'd be honoured! To have somebody who copies your style/doll to me means they notice/like my dolls?? I realise some people might not like it so much because then the style becomes pop fandom and mainstream..

      So, let's hear what you guys think.
    2. I have an bw el with long white hair. I didn't copy anyone- I just like him that way.

      As it happens... I;ve seen a lot of bw els out there, with exactly the same wig... and yes, they do look a lot like Mikos.... but hey- that's life and they're not carbon copies!

      Mind you- if I saw a *new* doll, with the same wig, eyes, bag, top, shoes and accessories.... yes. That would bug me. Mainly because it would be like BJD stalking and identity theft.... *_*
    3. I've actually got a bit of a problem in that I've kinda seen the exact look on another doll that I imagined for raitaro (this was long before I saw the other doll btw).

      I think, honestly it would bother me a bit, unless it was credited. (this is speaking hypothetically of course since Raitaro will be in his FS look/outfit for a while XD) If it happened by accident then oh well it can't be helped - some characters just have very similar looks. But copying on purpose would annoy me. I mean I could never copy someone elses look. Because for me my boy would always have a bit of that other doll...he would never blossom into his own personality.
    4. Kyo has lips like one of my friend's dolls, but his are purple. Other than that, he's his own.
    5. I would be surprised if someone wanted to, but I would be a little confused in my reaction. I would be flattered that they liked the look, but really pissed if they acted like the look was all their own or that I had copied them (this has happened to me before, I won out in the end though, my look was too well known for a newbie to steal, but that was in the Goth scene). My doll is unique, I do not care if another looks similar, no-one can steal his whole look as he rather heavily modded and I make all his clothes, if someone did they could still not steal who he is.
    6. ............ no one would ever want that ^^'
      My dolls are very simple and ordinary, that's what makes them special to me but... I don't think somone would want that ^^
      But I'd be pissed. 'Cause I am pissed everytime somone tries to copy me......
    7. I think I'm the only English speaking person who has a snow skin F-15, or if there are more then they don't ever come on DoA, so this hasn't been an issue for me yet :s Plus I rarely see any other long haired Syos/F-15s either.
    8. i guess what you have to remember is that copying is a form of flattery. whomever the copier is, they feel that is exactly what they are trying to convey. of course, it makes the copy-ee feel like crap, so its a lose-lose situation in the end. unless the copy-ee feels honored that another would want to reproduce that style.
    9. I think I'm experiencing that now.. and I get a bit irritated when I see their doll, but I just keep it to myself. I can't tell them what they can get for their doll though, and it's probably just a gosh darn coincidence, so I just go my own way :) A lot of people have similar tastes, and usually get ideas for clothing for their dolls from what they've seen on other dolls
    10. [shrugs] I know that Nameless isn't going to be the only realistic face-uped, golden-eyed, kimono-wearing Shiwoo out there sporting entirely too much dark hair for his own good.

      Describing him to my game crew, I've already gotten one response on the subject of how much he's going to look like a certain easily recognized anime/manga character.... Though I didn't have Sai in mind when I designed him.

      Given that, I'm about the last person who's entitled to get bent out of shape if I come across another doll who looks like mine. His look just isn't all that exotic. It's by no means unique.
    11. I'm always willing to give "copycats" the benefit of the doubt regarding almost anything, because I've been on the recieving end of accusations more than once, and it is NOT a fun feeling...I'd NEVER dream of copying anyone...I guess I must look like an easy target. >.<
    12. co-incidence does account for a lot- especially when we are talking about a hobby with limited sources of clothing and wigs. People also like to emulate characters from anime and manga- which a lot of us also enjoy. Overlap is inevitable.

      But copying is most noticeable when the person copying you takes offence to *your* doll. I know of a case when this happened- but the person beig copied had such a recognisable doll that the copier got talked down.

      I wouldn't mind someone imitatine Mikos's style.... but I'd kill them if they tried to copy *Mikos*

      Does that make sense?
    13. yeah you're right :) I'm hoping in the future to customize my doll further to make him closer to how I envisioned him :) That way he can be more unique :D
    14. I agree completely about the resources, and I think you have stated perfectly how I feel, I would be flattered by someone copying Corpse's style, but not if they copied (or tried to ) Corpse himself.

    15. My Yder special will be wuite unique.... luckily I'll know if anyone is copying him! Not that I think they would, but it would be pretty obvious.... ;)
    16. It would bother me. But that's just because I'm really psycho about stuff like that. Like, if anyone ever has 'Phaerie' as a name for their dolls and I find out, I'll have to change her name. It's just... ...I'm obsessive about it.

      It's probably downright rude of me to be so uptight, but I can't help it. I like my characters and things to be unique... One-of-a-kind. x3oo;
    17. Wel...most of my dolls are limited and have their defualt face ups. I really like them and do not want to remove them. so if anyone else has that limited doll with the default stuff, it will look just like mine.
      I useing a similar name to one that i make up with the exact same doll would bother me.
    18. One of my dolls is a popular mold and the other is limited. But considering neather have any distinguishing marks and all their accessories are readily avalible for purchase i'm sure there will be others that look like them soon enough.

      The only thing that would ever *really* irritate me is if someone thought that I copied them/ other people. ^,^' I really dont know why i'm like that.
    19. I dun think this is a problem. Well, i dunno other frens here will think i copy their style or not but my girl, she is something type of sweet girl in a very high class look. some characteristic in the Rozen Maiden's shinku. everybody have their own style...is either they like pther ppl dolls from dressing or others only. ^_^

      but just sometimes other ppl taught i am the one who copy instead any thing else...that will be such a hurt to me. T_T
    20. LOL someone named their doll the same name as a really unusual two name I gave my doll. I took a double take when I read the name!! I felt like pm'ing and asking where they found that name HINT HINT. However I didn't. Its only human to wish it could be unique to my own doll that is the risk of sharing. If someone copied a unique faceup I would be peeved as most of my dolls are really unique but what you gunna do?