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Core Magazine Featuring Gentaro Araki Dolls on Sale at HLJ

Oct 9, 2005

    1. I happened to be perusing Hobby Link Japan's site when I came across this. It's a special issue of Core Magazine (based in Japan) that's devoted to Gentaro Araki, the man who created Unoss and Unoa. The link below have a few photos from that magazine and they feature dolls that look nothing like the Unoas I've seen (both in photos and in person at a couple of doll meet-ups I attended). I have no idea if they are future Alchemic Lab dolls or if they were original prototypes that were never used or if they are simply one of a kind dolls that are expremely harder to get than the Unoas. Here's the link:


      If anyone is interested, you can order at the link above, although the site does warn that the magazine is in Japanese.
    2. oh looks neat, his dolls are so fasinating *_*
    3. I remember seeing some kit-pictures of the first doll (or something very similar involving translucent blue plastic) in Araki-san's diary on Alchemic Labo . . . it's awesome to see what she looks like finished!!

      The second doll is one of his personal-collection life-sized silicone dolls . . . they're internally jointed with a 'skeleton' and are incredibly poseable. If anyone does get this magazine, please scan some photos!!!

      -- Andi :>
    4. wow, cool book. does anyone know, were the photos taken by araki? i wish it wasn't 30, but it is a photobook so i guess the price is fair.

      i can't seem to find it on amazon.jp
    5. Pretty art...fan servicy, but pretty. :oops:
    6. That first doll is SO cool!! Love her design!! Hope they sell her someday (in my dreams >_<)
    7. I ordered it this morning. HLJ is on Holiday for 2 more days and then they will let me know how much to pay, then shipping, so I can't say when I will have it, but when it arrives I will post pictures if no one else has.

      *Araki love*
    8. I think I saw this at Kino book stores too. (in most "little tokyo" towns)
    9. Cute girls with gratutious panty photos. Yeah that's Araki all right :oops:
    10. aren't some of these dolls from araki's personal collection?
      I have a magazine with some pcitures of these dolls too..^^ It's very interesting!