Preorder Cornélia by Misterminoudoll

Feb 23, 2017

    1. Hi ! :)
      I am very happy to show you my little BJD, Cornélia. She is 26,5 cm with eyes of 8mm. She is in environemental resin and her price is 340 euros.
      She will come in with her certificate of authenticity and a pair of eyes. Her horns are removables and hold thanks to magnets. Simple joints in elbows and double joints in knees, allowing her to fold up her legs. She stands perfectly alone.
      You can see more photo of her on her gallery on my website : Misterminou Doll
      I accept payments several times (checks, paypal or bank transfer). Paypal fees are at your expense.
      Any made payment is considered deposit and cannot be paid off.
      To order, send me an e-mail with your address and coordinates in: [email protected]
      This is pre-ordered one: you will receive your BJD between two in three months after having ordered.
      The preorder will star the 25th February until the 10th March.
      Thank you so much ! <3



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    2. You can finaly pay in three steps for this girl. Just two day for the preorder. Don't miss her :)

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