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Cosplaying a Doll?

Dec 28, 2006

    1. No, I don't mean painting joints on yourself and standing very inanimately at your next convention!:lol:

      I'm talking about people cosplaying a specific outfit/doll.

      I've been staring at Petsha's outfit and found myself wanting to make it for myself. Is that strange? ^^;;

      I'd also need to seriously work on my flabby tummy before I go trying to wear a midriff baring outfit like Petsha's.:...(
    2. Im pretty sure I've seen a picture of some girls cosplaying Lahoo and Camine... hm...
      Mind you, I dont know who they are or anything. haha.
      I'd like to see/hear about this too, actually. 3:
    3. O_o I Know Her. <3333
    4. The camine and Lahoo cosplayers are awesome! :-P Dream of doll has amazing outfits. I'd definitely cosplay as one of them. Petsha outfit is especially cute.
    5. They're really amazing!
    6. I actually would love to cosplay Sha :D ^_^ kind of thinking of having my brother in-laws mom help me with it.. she's really awsome when it comes to her making clothing.. she could start a clothing line if she wanted.. all her clothes look like they come from the store.
    7. Well currently I'm in the planning stages of making a Volks Cyndy ver2 outfit. My friend thought she kinda looks like me (or not) and I was having trouble coming up with an outfit for sakura-con. Should I post pics once I'm done?
    8. Manami i'd love to see the pics once your finished ^_^ :)
    9. I know Pegasus Maiden on cosplay.com does original outfits based on dollfies, they are quite cute
    10. Oh, you have no idea. Name an outfit, any outfit, and I can guarantee I or someone I know wants it for themselves. :sweat Or a close fascimile. One of my good friends is an avid cosplayer, and she's thinking about it... she's already made several outfits for herself based one dolls she's seen, but I think she may be considering a cosplay of Petsha next year (this year's cosplays are already underway).
    11. I'm gonna need alot of white pleather....

      T_T That stuff's expensive...
    12. My husband keeps saying I need to get this or that doll outfit ... made for me :sweat
    13. Here in Brazil we started a thread at our brazilian forum for cosplaying dolls... I was going to do Shall xD but the topic died
    14. im right there with you guys on this one.

      im planning cosplaying volks emma and liz the another yourself version.
    15. My friend and I are cosplaying DOD Sha and Shall :D

      We're in the process of making the costumes -- I'll post pictures when we're done!

      EDIT: Ah.. I had to add, that we're throwing a Homme Kiril/Ivan cosplay on top of that :sweat
      Eventually, we plan to cosplay every DOD, and some others.
    16. My friend and I have been planning to cosplay Sha and Tender Shall for over a year! I never knew other people were already doing this, or that DoD seems to be the most popular brand to cosplay!
      *laugh* we should all get a Doll cosplay group going at a con some day. It would be loads of fun! ^_^ And if anyone had the dolls too, there could be double poses, mini-size / BIG size!
    17. Maybe someone could cosplay Uno and the rest of Mistula. That would be cool. :)
    18. That'll be so cool. OMG, if I saw Uno in the flesh, I'd die.
    19. Someone cosplayed Tender Sha and Tender Shall at the recent comic convention in Malaysia >w<

      I didn't know who they were cosplaying but thought they looked familiar^^;
      My friend found out and took their photo tho :3

      Quite a good job <3 Good inspiration to other future Doll-cossers <3


      sorry for the small pic >w<
      I can post a bigger one if required