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COSWORX Feedback (2008)

Apr 4, 2008

    1. I was so dissapointed by COSWORX felt I needed to go a little beyond the average review..

      Within this particular hobby you find yourself dealing frequently with companies from all different countries. Despite language barriers, Time differences and various cultures I’m always amazed by the excellent customer service and the lack of errors.
      This is why when I recently placed a order with American company, Cosworxs, I was so disappointed by the results.
      Here is a summary of what happened and why I would not recommend this company.

      It started in mid to late December when I ordered a 8-9 SD sized wig and a Pair of SD sized Kitty Ears (with Bows).
      The shipping time was decent, it arrived within two weeks. But the excitement of the arrival was short lived, for the Ears were missing from the box. (Not to mention the AWFUL Packaging, it was a huge box with no padding what-so-ever.)
      At first I thought they may be arriving separately. But after checking my online invoice, I found the status changed to ‘Shipment complete, Product Received’.
      Quickly I e-mailed Cozworxs about the mix up.
      After finishing the day up at work I went home to try my new wig on my doll.
      … … “Whats this? .... The wig won’t fit.”
      Yes they had sent me a 7-8 sized wig instead of a 8-9.
      Another E-mail was sent to Cosworxs.

      To their credit they replied quickly and said that they would ship the proper wig and the ears out the next day. I could return the smaller wig at my leisure.
      Since I’m a forgiving person and realize that mistakes can be made, I was appeased.

      At least until I received the items a few days later.
      First problem was the packaging again. Each was packaged separately, and each was packaged worse then before.
      The Wig came in the original Monique Gold box (its like a small flimsy shoe box) in a unpadded envelope. The wig had been completely squished and displaced :(
      The white kitty ears, Despite the flimsy padding were undamaged by the shipping..
      But they have a large yellowish stain and several small black ones on the left ear!
      The yellow stain looks like misplaced glue and the Black looks like ink.

      I did my best to remove the glue and ink but so far they prove permanent.
      Either way I don’t want the hassle of sending them back and dealing with Cosworxs again.
    2. I've found Cosworx kind of dodgy as well -- I ordered a bunch of wigs from them when they were having their wig sale, and when my order showed up, I saw that four of the wigs I'd ordered were marked "out of stock." They hadn't refunded me for the four missing wigs, or even informed me of the problem. They did, however, refund me quickly enough when I opened a Paypal dispute. It appears that they're no longer selling doll wigs on their site.
    3. they are selling them on the site, but you have to search there no longer up on the side bar. I had one wig ordered from them a bit ago i think it was last year. It was delivered to my customizer fast and it fitted my dolls and everything so i havent had any problems with them. I do need some kitty ears from them in a few weeks though. Does any1 sell them on doa? uve scared me a bit
    4. I don't know of anyone... you can always post a WTB or Want to Commission thread.. :thumbup

      I should also say I've read some reviews about the regular (human) sized ears arriving with weird stains and funny dents..
      Its so sad, otherwise the ears are SO cute!
    5. I bought 2 wigs back in Jan. from them and they had no problems. Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I was hoping to get a couple more but don't see doll wigs on the site anymore.
    6. Kind of an old thread. But I thought I might add this in. Cosworx goes to alot of anime cons, as part of the dealers room.
      They usally let people know what cons they'll be at, or at least they do on the c.com forums (where I spend the other half of my internet time it seems). Up until, I think a week pre-con they take "to be picked up" orders from people. In other words you tell then WHAT you want to buy, but don't pay for it. You go to the booth friday, talk to them that you'd requested such-and-such and pay for it then, when the item is in your hands.
      In such a situation, you can point out all the flaws right there, but usally the people who run the cosworx booth wouldn't be so stupid as to have any of their damaged merchandise brought along.
      So, yea, if you're in the states, chances are good that if you want some and are patient you can easily ensure you get a pair you like. Just my two cents is all.