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CosWorx selling SD outfits

Jan 13, 2006

    1. I was browsing Cosplay.com and decided to check out the store. I was floored to find that they are selling SD outfits (some modelled by Tristine Citrine's Candide).
      I'm fairly sure this isn't 'hot' news but thought that it might be interesting to some as the dresses are all very pretty and beautifully tailored.

      Check it out at:
    2. I have that alice dress!! :D Only SD sized. I bought it off eBay a while back, its very beautiful and well made.
    3. I have three of Tristen's outfits before CosWorx started and I definitely recommend them! Each outfit is fully serged and the outfits impeccably made ^_^
    4. Likewise, I have many dresses, skirt/tops, and such fun stuff from TC. I just got the "Pink Seaside" dress from cosworx.com. Let me tell you, it is worth every cent. Perfect little stitches, sweet appliques, and a nice, fluffy, full skirt. I've got to find my stupid camera so I can get some snaps of it. Your support of this store with your dollars is highly encouraged!