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Could someone point me in the right direction of understand EL?

Jun 10, 2008

    1. I can't do a search for El as it's below the minimum 3 letter, but I'd like to understand a bit more about him. I'm confused as to why he seems worth so much money when Fairyland still sell him, was he re-released in a bigger size or something?

      I just want to learn more about him really.

      Thanks Absynthe x
    2. I'm confused. Are you talking about the minifee El? That is the only El that fairyland is selling right now. The minifee was released after the original SD sized El that is available on the Luts page. I'm also not quite sure this thread is in the right place. I think it should be in the Buying/Shipping Qs and Advice sub-forum?

      I hope this helped. I'm not really sure what you're asking. I'm sorry. >_<;
    3. When you do a search put in El and *** to take the letter count above the limit. What will happen is that you get things like ''Elf' and "elfdoll' but it will also throw up El.

      If anyone else has tips on searching I'd love to hear 'em, coz I'm struggling too.

      Hisuiyui's right, El comes in two sizes, the SD and MNF, both are really cute :)
    4. Well you not sure of what i'm asking has already helped me to understand a bit anyway. So, El was originally an SD sold by Luts and now Fairyland sell a minifee...

      I know it's not in the right area, but I don't want to buy him, just understand the fascination with this doll...
    5. Just checked the FAQ and this was actually mentioned...

      This is nowhere near what I'd call an ideal workaround...say you're searching for El, as has been mentioned as a problem search. To use the truncation workaround ("El*" works) you'd get kicked back results with such words as: eleven, elf, elven, etc. Now, you can always add another search term like Luts, but again, that's not really ideal, especially since you must use a Boolean search to use truncation and you can't use AND in this Boolean.

      Check the FAQ because there's a load of stuff about searches on there, mostly stuff I need to look up because I don't get the terms LOL :)
    6. Many people just like the mold, that's all. He's not a limited, and the SD is still available from Luts. Luts also used to sell the minifee version but now Fairyland sells all the minifees. I think it's hard to tell why certain dolls have a larger appeal than others, it really is partly because he is a standard attractive doll.
    7. ooh lovely! I think i'm going to cave in and get one! He was the first boy I ever fell in love with back in 2005 (I think..or was it 2006...?) he's so cute!
    8. By the way, thanks for help (even those of you who have flamed me for being utterly stupid for not knowing anything about El even though I have claimed to love the sculpt since 2005/2006). All I knew was that I loved the face of him...not his size (ooh-er).

      I now have an SD El and he's fab! :)