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Could you tell the difference?

Dec 30, 2011

    1. Was looking at some pictures online of my DZ Annie, and I realized how different the pictures looked than how she looked in real life, even though in the pictures they have the same face up and everything.
      I began to wonder, if my Marz was held up against another DZ Annie doll with the same face up, same outfit, etc., would I be able to tell which one is mine?
      I defiantly think I could tell which is which, because of her personality. I don't know what it is about it. Maybe its the same thing that mothers have that can tell their twins apart.
      What do you think?
      Do you think you could tell the difference if your doll was held up against the same doll with the same face up, same clothes, same wig, same eyes, etc.?
      Why do you think that is?

      I'm speaking hypothetically here. Even if you have a custom face up, just imagine if your doll was held up against a doll with that same face up.
    2. I don't think I can speak for everyone, but it's because they each have their own unique soul, of course. They aren't just objects. We pour love and time and thought into them and if I couldn't pick my own doll out of a line-up I would be very ashamed.
    3. My dolls have OOAK faceups. I wouldn't have any trouble telling them apart from other dolls of the same mold, even if they were wearing the same eyes, wigs, and clothing.
    4. If the two were EXACT copies, for example my mnf Chloe with default face up next to another Chloe with the same faceup, I honestly don't think I'd be able to tell the difference. Granted, there are little things I would notice- a chip here,a spot there. If it were really a question of two fresh-from-the-box dolls with no discernable quirks and pure factory-ness, I don't think I'd be able to tell the difference.
    5. Well I have at least one doll I'd be able to pick out from all the others of his sculpt but that's because he has scars modded into his face ^_~ As for the others, I did their faceups so I would recognize those but if they were all wiped and put next to the same sculpt of the same color, etc..then no I wouldn't be able to. They are plastic dolls all cast from the same mold. Our customizations are what make them different from each other.
    6. All of my dolls are fully customized, so it doesn't really go for me. But if I had a standard doll with default faceup I'm pretty sure I could still tell. I mean, if you've had the doll for a while, it has lived. Things have happened to it and you get to know it. Every doll is unique. It could have a seamline that sticks out more, or a smudge from a wig or something. There'll always be something that makes them lived.
    7. I'm not speaking about mine because they don't have the factory face up, but if they had, I could only tell if they had, say, a chip or a scratch or a wig stain somewhere... But if they were all like new, no one can tell ^^U I don't think one can recognise objets just because of the love they put. I mean, that love doesn't show on the doll... But that's maybe because I think dolls are just objects.
    8. If they come directly from the box, I don't think I'll be able to tell them apart. But I plan to get custom face-up for several dolls. It is highly unlikely another doll will come by looking identical, but with a unique face-up, I should be able to tell them apart.
    9. My Gwalchmei has a factory face-up, but I'm quite sure I would be able to tell him apart from other dolls with a factory face-up. Factory or not, he's hand-painted, and even if you removed his clothes and wig, I'd still be able to tell it's him because of the way his eyelashes have been glued in and because of the details of his painting :). I know his face so well!
    10. My mom asked me this once, and honestly..I don't think so. Factory fresh, same outfits, same accessories used the same way, or identical mods....for many of my dolls I couldn't. This is why I keep a note with my info in their heads. ;)
    11. With some of my older ones I'd say yes, but probably not for the others I haven't spent as much time with. I know Nayo, Lye, iiru, and Kellion (all have their default face-ups) like the back of my hand, flaws and all, and even if they were wiped I'm sure I'd be able to recognize them from their seams or something like a small scratch or the like. If you haven't spent a lot of time with the doll then it would be extremely difficult to pick it out (especially blank) from another doll just like it.
    12. I probably couldn't tell the difference except for looking inside joint scratches. My doll has a default faceup, so I probably couldn't!
    13. All of my Kara Klums have faceups done by me and modded bodies, so I would say yes, I could pick them out of a crowd. If they were faceupless or with their defaults, maybe I'd have trouble with the two WS ones. The NS boys have flaws...one has a "birthmark" on his ass (pencil-dot sized discoloration) and a tiny chip over his eye that I cover with an eyebrow. The other has a very slightly dented nose where I smacked is face with scissors^^; I boiled it out mostly but I can tell it's still there.

      I have other dolls with ways I can tell then apart too, but for the rest....if they looked exactly like someone elses, I might have trouble picking them out.
    14. In pictures the doll can look different from the one at home because of the angle, light, etc. That is also a part how you bring their character across. So I guess the person just didn't have the same character in mind as you, Marz.
      I'm not sure if I understand the question correctly. If they would still be my dolls with all their little faults and posing improvement, etc, I could still tell them apart from any other, even if they came with default face-up. If someone copied all the faults, improved posing as I did, etc, then how would I be supposed to know?
      Also I have three dolls where I didn't have to improve posing and they came with default face-up. If you would add the same eyes and hair and copy my clothes for them, I wouldn't have a chance to tell them apart. ^^;
    15. I know all the little scratches, marks and the unique way the joints move on my doll, so I think I would be able to recognize him by looking over his resin and posing him a bit.
    16. Without customizations? Nope, I wouldn't be able to tell. I have a set of mirrored identical twins. I've owned them a while now. Both have the default face-up, both have the same wig, styled slightly differently, and their miss-matched eyes are the mirror of one another...they dress in slightly different styles...but I STILL have to double check their original photos, in their original outfits, and double check which eye-color is on which side to be SURE of who is who if I change anything about them at all! Like, if I change their clothes, or earrings, or take them apart to re-string them. So given that I can't tell two of my OWN dolls apart without double checking who is who against their original photos, I know I wouldn't be able to with any of my others where they NOT modded, or not in custom face-ups. Were they all perfectly default, or blank, next to others of the same resin, in the same default, or blank, state, I'd not be able to tell. Unless one doll was more yellowed than the others...then I'd assume that one was probably mine, as I don't worry about yellowing at all, it's not something that bothers me, so I know mine have yellowed more than dolls of owners who do what they can to prevent it.
    17. Do you think you could tell the difference if your doll was held up against the same doll with the same face up, same clothes, same wig, same eyes, etc.?

      Not unless one doll was much older, or the positioning of the eyes/wigs was different. Or if the smell was different, but I'm not sure that counts. This is assuming that the face-ups are 100% identical, which rarely happens since they're painted by hand rather than mass produced. I think that if the face-ups were only about 90% identical, I could tell the difference though. For instance, I've noticed a lot of Luts Borys with the company face-up are really easy to distinguish because the face-ups vary so much.

      Also, if posing were allowed, I might could tell which doll is mine. Most owners can restring their dolls to make them pose better, whereas I cannot.