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Could your dolls be ever used, to save people lifes?

Oct 28, 2010

    1. I know for a fact this has not be made before, I assume.
      Feast your eyes on this:

      While I will not take a side, I believe that has to be one of the more cooler uses for a doll I've ever seen.

      It makes me wonder, has your doll helped you in some shape, way, or form?
      And if so, how was it done?
    2. Seeing as these dolls were used to smuggle much-needed medicine to troops in world war II, I don't think this would apply to modern BJD's.
      Unless you're talking about smuggling say, cocaine or heroine across the border... But I don't think dolly drug mules would be very beneficial.
      Cool story, though!
    3. Why drugs, man?
      Why not candy, or like notes?
      But in times of war, I'm now sure, I can use my doll to smuggle stuff. like another doll or something.
    4. Ah, history is just awesome. :]

      Most BJD's aren't large enough (in terms of inside volume) to accomodate drugs or other things for smuggling. If you were trying to smuggle meds, you'd probably have better luck these days using a shipment of Tickle-Me-Elmo dolls.

      Kids (and adults too,) use toys and dolls for comfort when sick or going through difficult surgeries, so from a different standpoint dolls still do "save lives," at least by keeping a patient happy while the doctors and nurses do the dirtier work.
    5. I'd say BJDs are unlikely to be used for this purpose because they are so fragile... Smuggling isn't very effective if the cover item cracks open easily.
    6. not to save peoples lives. but i bet that SDs could be used to hide small amounts of drugs, like a few ounces. but not much that you would use them to smuggle things.
    7. I agree that smuggling medicine would be out of the question for BJDs today really (A. not needed, b. too small), but for comfort purposes I can see it.
      I help run a non-profit charity that gives teddybears that kids with cancer and other diseases, and just seeing how much a simple thing as getting a bear is to them is really awesome.

      My doll has helped me, but with keeping me sane with a different hobby. Unfortunately she has also killed my bank account...so I think the help might be negated out. :lol:
    8. Lol I think you mean the Civil War... but that is interesting, a bit like carrier pigeons!
    9. They have some space in their heads for example. But I don't think it'll work with all that detection gear available these days.

      A drugdog would certainly smell it unless it was very neatly wrapped.
    10. even very neatly wrapped they'd still smell it.

      Thats a cool story though...
    11. @ Arkhangel Hamatiel

      You could.. Smuggling notes sounds like a great idea! xD
      But smuggling a doll in another doll.. *imagines a poor Puki shoved in the head of some 70cm beast* I call shenanigans. It's just too silly.

      @ Teruchan
      Haha, yeah probably. I'm not too big on history - or reading the entierty of articles, evidently. xD
      It is a good idea! Who would think to look for crack in a doll?
      Joking! ;)
    12. Ok, love the article!:aheartbea

      But BJD owners don't have money to get drugs, because we're spending it all on BJDs! :lol:

      You could always take the head off, and ask 'hey, you wanna see this head?' knowing you have just any random object (that won't go through the neck hole) inside.

      But what would be so secretive as to require your BJD's head to hold it? I wonder...maybe the larger dolls could be used to hold candy for Halloween - maybe not to actually be put out and left to kids who could knock it over - but just for pictures, or something.

      OOH! What would be better than a decorative BJD head as a centerpiece?:DImagine your family's delight at a eyeless doll head in the middle of their Thanksgiving feast? :lol:

      I have :lol: a lot making this post....:dance
    13. Give someone a tracheotomy with a sharpened Uyoo forearm.
    14. Well, people shove drug containers up their own rectum...or swallow them. I think suspecting a doll for smuggling when the one who carries it has suspicious manners is pretty obvious. Most of the time it's not the "carrier" that's suspicious but the behavior of the smuggler, and officers are trained to detect it - so I don't think it'd be too safe to use a doll for these things (especially not such a valuable doll, because it'll get broken for sure if they catch the smuggler). One could hide important evidence inside a doll though (like on a pendrive or something)...though I'm not sure if that'd get discovered or not. Dogs can't smell it at least :lol:

      However what others said....using them to comfort the suffering...to help kids. I know that someone on the forum runs a charity project with the aid of her dolls - because they are eyecatching and cheerful^^

      And on the more outreageous speculations - yeah, tracheotomy with an Uyoo forearm...that sounds great! Not to mention throwing your doll at a burglar or a mugger - they are pretty heavy, so a good throw can knock them unconscious!
    15. People forget that dolly heads arent the only hollow part~
      I've hid money and other things (from psycho mum) in side Donivan's chest area just to keep my self out of trouble. (long story short, I was apparently not meant to have money of my own.)
      So yes, he did kinda save me in a bad situation.
    16. Actually at the last doll meet I attended, one of the girls there was talking about how her doll was given a chemical swab at the airport. I guess they wanted to be sure it wasn't a bomb threat... O.o
    17. omg, seriously?
      As funny as that is, who would make a bomb outta a doll? $400, good bye!
    18. Haha what if doll companies shipped every doll out with a piece of mystery candy in his/her head??
    19. *giggles*
      That's about as serious as I got when I read the thread title. XD

      That's only fun until the candy melts and gets sticky goo all over the inside of the head. Oh, the joy!

      The dog would smell it anyway. Watch the mythbusters episode if you wanna argue it~ Dogs are amazing.
    20. Regardless of the fact that my dolls would be utterly useless when it comes to saving someone's life, that was a very interesting article. Thank you for posting!