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Couples collecting?

Nov 19, 2005

    1. Often I wonder if there are any married couples or couples in general that collect ABJDs and enjoy this interesting hobby together. For example, Sera had thought about purchasing a resin doll since late 2003. A natural reservation that kept her from purchasing (and even mentioning the dolls to me) was the high cost of the dolls.

      In early 2005, after many considerations, she revealed her interest to me and I thought the idea was fine. I recall not even knowing what exactly she had ordered (I had never seen a picture of one, much less heard of them). When I asked about the size of the doll, she motioned to about 24 inches or so. I found it hard to picture a doll that size, as I had only seen antique and small fashion dolls.

      After her first doll arrived, a Volks Megu, my interest in the hobby grew. Weeks later, after browsing this forum and many of the company websites, I had a mile long wish list! After facing reality, I narrowed and refined my list to a few dolls, three of which I now own.

      Most engaging about this particular hobby, among my others, is that I share interest in it with my wife.

      Thus, again I ask, does your significant other share your hobby?


      P.S. If this is not so, do personal friends or family share this hobby?
    2. My boyfriend doesn't consider himself a "doll person", but my dolls are all characters we created together, so he helps me out choosing what's the best doll to suit a certain character, and gives me his opinions on eyes, wigs, etc. ^_^
      My mom will do the same, especially for the dolls she helped me to pay for.
      She owns some little dolls, like Mini Pullip or La Reine Rose ^_^;
    3. *smiles* I don't have a significant other to share the hobby, but I do have some really good friends who share the hobby with me--in fact one of them got me into the hobby to begin with, I was put off by the money, but now I own three of them and plan to get one more (for now) and I can see how much of their worth isn't measured in dollars ^__^
    4. Osaka and her husband collect together. I don't have anyone to share my interest in them with so it's really just me. Didn't know there were an other owners in my state until I came to DOA.
    5. my best friend/roommate and I share our doll hobby. We make dolls of the characters we've created together!
    6. my boyfriend tolerates me :) he gave me the money for a body a once<--- doesn't that sound weird?
    7. My boyfriend is like, if it makes you happy, then do it. ^_^ He's been tolerating my babble about this mould, and that outfit, just like I tolerate his about how his sports teams are doing. XD When I showed him Shall, he said, "She's hot." The only thing he doesn't like is pictures of eyes outside of a head, the way they're shown for sale. He thinks that's creepy.

      Bottom line, I don't think he is going to be interested in collecting with me, or ever want any of his own... but he loves me, so he takes an interest for my sake. And will probably like it if my poor girl is kept only half dressed. ^^;
    8. My boyfriend doesn't mind my interest in dolls. He's usually busy painting his Warhammer miniatures. However, he does help me chose the dolls I want as I go.
    9. My boyfriend tolerates me babbleing on about it, laughs and tells me that I'm cute. But he would NEVER be a part of it. It's against his principles (one of them, anyways, the one of him being male and therefore not playing with dolls). He even refuses to buy clothes for Rasmus as a christmas present to me.

      Him: But what will people think of me if I tell them that I bought DOLL CLOTHES to you for christmas.
      Me: Well, even if they think it's weird, it still defines our relationship pretty well.
      He laughed, but didn't mention it again...

      Then again, he has yet to see the doll. Maybe that will change things...

    10. Aw, you're so sweet to have remembered! ^___^

      But, yes...I dragged PherretLord into this and he is thoroughly hooked. His wishlist is currently at somewhere between six and eight dolls, almost all of them elves and/or girls. (mine is almost exclusively human guys.) It's very nice to have someone to share this with, though it does make the doll fund seem a bit light.

      We're slowly turning my brother to get his own doll, and we also have a doll-lover in training. He wants his own mini boy. So, a whole family of BJD fanciers!
    11. I count myself very lucky in that regard. My boyfriend, while not a collector of dolls himself, is interested enough to get involved in mine. He's expressed intrest in making tiny weapons and armour for my girls, knows several models by name, and cracks an occasional BJD joke. Most remarkably, he's agreed to do the face-up for the Soah he bought me for my birthday.
      I've commented on how much I appreciate his support and involment, he just smiles and says he may get his own one of these days. I love that man.
    12. The joy of converting your friends and family to ABJDs. XD
    13. Mine's still in the "Those things are creepy" stage, but I deal with him and his 30,000 comic books, so he can deal with my hobbies. :)
    14. My husband HAS a doll, and he carries her around at conventions, but he leaves the "collecting stuff" up to me... :oops:
    15. Oh yes, me and my husband The Dragon! It's all his fault I'm in this hobby at all really, he pointed out Japanese 1/6 dolls to me and got me one, which made me search the net for such things, wich made me discover BJDs...

      And when I saw one I really, really wanted but didn't think I should buy since it was so expensive (LE SD13 Cyndy), he told me I really should buy her since abstaining may be good for my bank account, but certainly not for my happiness. :-D

      The Dragon takes an active part in my hobby, giving advice on things I'm considering buying and so forth, and when he saw DD Sirius AM he was so thrilled he bought her for himself.

      People are quite surprised when they ask me how many dolls of the BJD kind I have at home and I answer "I have two and my husband has one", though!

      [Updating edit: Ooo, time flies! Now it's "I have eleven and my husband has ten" - I'm still in the lead by one! I get the same surprised looks, though...]
    16. My girlfriend is just now getting into BJDs ^ ^ At the moment she only owns a Dollfie but she's saving for a DoC Si ^ - ^
      She often carries around my boys and sometimes they sleep over her house XD
    17. My boyfriend doesn’t have his own doll but he dose clam to be one of Hitomi's parents. With out him I wouldn't have Hitomi and Hitomi wouldn't have any wigs or clothes. He's very supportive of the hobby and is very proud of me when I make something new/give Hitomi a new face up. After Hitomi came home he carried her around and showed her to anyone who would look. He recently helped me buy a Sweet Dream Mimi head because he knew it was one of my dream dolls. I think if he had the money he would buy me every doll I wanted. I feel so lucky to have someone that's so supportive.
    18. My boyfriend is actually interested in them. We're planning on owning some in the future.
      To be honest though, I was very suprised he had an interest in them. XD
    19. *smiles* Itoshii and I are both owners. I think she'd say I got her into it, but I know she had a passing aquaintance and admiration for the hobby before we got Kuro and Shiro. ^_~
    20. Ooooooh yes ^_- My boyfriend now has two complete dolls, while I still only have one and two heads. My ex-boyfriend also has one, with one more planned, and his current partner just got one, too! I am the typhoid Mary of the dollfie virus *grins*