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[COZYDOLL] First Anniversary event

Apr 7, 2012

    1. April 13, we commemorate the first anniversary of COZYDOLL anniversary events will be held.

      Head of PIXYDOLL receives an order for a limited period.

      Head receives orders 'MANO, DINO, DINO Limited Ver., VAN' is

      Your participation in this event have you would appreciate~ :D


      http://cozy-house.co/ or http://cozy-dolls.com/
    2. So these heads are going on sale via Cozydoll? from...April 9-April 18th, for $140 it looks like, then? Just trying to make sure! And they don't require any other purchases from Cozydoll? Also which company's skin colors are compatible with this Normal color?
    3. I would like to ask, which one Mano, which one is Dino, Dino Limited Ver, and Van?
      is the name written according to the picture left to right?
    4. Yes, aoichan - I believe that is absolutely right. The name order matches the picture order. :)
    5. In case anyone still had any doubts about who was who:


      Couldn't find a photo set for Dino Limited, but rule of deduction means he's the sleeping head.