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CP Atlack-Kaim El & Atlack-Nacha El discussion

Feb 15, 2007

    1. I post the picture of them ;)

    2. I hate how Luts don't give you any info on them and let you think about it before they release them. I hope it's not just like 10 or something because you can still buy an El (just not with the outfit) I like the face-up a lot though....(clothes look ok) :doh

      Pricing....I hope it's similar to Moon O_O (why not?)
    3. OoOoo I really like the face up too! :D
    4. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod, must resist >.O They both look amazingly gorgeous ;~;
    5. Waaaah....handsome, handsome! I'm such a sucker for El's...but...I'm afraid of bugs(including spiders) so the whole spider web outfit kind of discomforts me...but I LOVE the other one. I hope they put more pics up real soon...I really want to see them...
    6. Aww but you like the song Cockroach by GazettE still rah? XP

      I like the spider outfit better than the black one actually.
    7. They hurt my soul T_T I guess I'll wait til the prices are released... half of me hopes there are a few hundred of them and that they'll be in the same sort of range as Redemption the Moon; and the other half hopes they are limited to one of each and are $55,04383,52834.99 each. XDDDD

      Cus otherwise I might just have to get one @__@;;;

      Both suits appear to have the spiderweb pattern on them - you just can't see it so well on the black one.

    8. They both have spiderwebs on their outfits :sweat

    9. they look so great! i luv the outfit ideas. El is beautiful but he looks so different like that :)

      i like Kaim El, i luv the silver hair, looks so good
      but Nacha El is good too.

      the outfits both have spiderwebs on them! I luv the design tho if i did it i would have made the webs silver on the black outfit.
    10. Hot damn. And they come out when I have no money or job. *whimpers* I want an El....
    11. I think these 2 will have a large quantity available like the moon. I looked on the Korean and Japanese site (which have full information entered) and translated the text, it didn't mention any limited #. :D :D

      (but I could be wrong, they could always add that later O_O)
    12. I like the idea of the full set dolls that aren't limited... And i like that they used a doll that everyone already knows and loves instead of a brand new one.
      Oh El, why do you tempt me so T-T
    13. But both Alices were only 10 worldwide so..........*_*
    14. they look incredible....Im with Dead_Boy_Dark_Angel....why when I dont have money or a job? GAH! Hopefully they're not too limited and I'll have a job in time. lol
    15. :...( :...( :...( why can't I have money right now

      their BEATIUFUL:love
    16. I like the little quote story. It's nice.. I like the character concept.
      Rough translation for anyone interested..

      "You will not be able to escape it..
      If you and your beauty falls into it, I will not be letting you go
      So I warn you...
      I can only hope that you will not become tangled in my spider web."
    17. Meep - I love that little back story too--thank you for the translation, helloivy! >3<

      *sigh* Atlack-Kaim = so.much.love. :D There's definitely something about this El sculpt that lures me to fall for him again and again.

      Gah... <_< Must.... >_> ... Resist. >_<
    18. More pictures are up...

      'Not sure I like that spiderweb odd-eyed thing they've both got going, and the eyebrows are a little more... well... Pepstar-ish than Luts usually does. 0_o
    19. They're cute, but the spider-theme doesn't appeal to me very well. Maybe because it's a little...out of season? For some reason I feel they will be more fitting for a October release.

      Atlack Kaim's faceup really is gorgeous, though...his not-spidery eye seem so mysterious, I wonder what color it is?