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CP Kid Delf Bomi being discontinued

Jun 14, 2006

    1. Hi~ lovely everyone.

      I have inconvenient message at Today.

      Our Kid Delf BOMI is out of press at 15.JUNE.2006 AM 11:30.

      After that time, We can not sell any more.(This is last chance to take BOMI~~^^; )

      We will try to do our best for better services for you!

      Thanks alot~~


      Sad :(
    2. Are't the Kid Delf sculpted by someone other than CP?
    3. Model Designed by: RAINMAN
      Sculpted by: Cerberus Project TM.
      well, that is from ttori's page and nara's page

      Model Designed by: Kang Ryong (C.P)
      Sculpted by: Cerberus Project TM.

      Model Designed by: KYUNG-MIN LEE
      Sculpted by: Cerberus Project TM.

      an and jeong don't say

      so... whatever that means.
    4. weird, Luts hosts CP, and CP is a mix of a bunch of doll makers?
    5. I thing that it could be a copyrigth problem =S

      'cause if the problem is the non-selling, luts can change the photos for try to sell him again and better, but will not do it v_vUU

      It's a pity, I like Bomi, he's cute v_vU now he is like Luts Limited doll xD

      PD: my inglish is more bad and bad... UxD