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CP Luts Imitators?

Jul 24, 2007

    1. From the Luts Notice Board:

      Hello, dear everyone.

      To our regret, we’ve heard some bad news that some shopping malls have brought out the products just like ours.

      Here are some tips for Luts’ products!

      - All the items of Luts have characteristic tag ‘LUTS’ on them.

      - Luts’ items are sells on only Luts shopping mall and other shopping malls which have cooperation with us.

      - All the items are produced by our specialist and skillful producers. Therefore the items are very solidly made and we are responsible for that. Please don’t be taken in by similar looks.

      - As we told you above, cause of responsible, we do the after service for damaged items. Imitations can not get after service on Luts at all.

      Please beware imitations.

      We will try to do our best for your pleasure.

      Thank you.

      I had no idea there were Luts imitators. I've seen accusations of "copying" body designs from other companies, but now Luts? IS NOTHING SAFE?
    2. They is a seller on ebay that sell things copied by luts and other brands.
      I can t remember the name but there is something on the feedback zone i think!
    3. I guess dolls? I dont think its really much big of a deal if its just clothes.
    4. When reading this message I was thinking about shoes. Luts says "items" so I gues: clothes, shoes, wigs etc. I have seen on Ebay some items similair.
    5. That post was from last year, so i presume they meant Lolidoll?
    6. D: I didn't even notice the date. DUUUHHHH...teach me to read carefully
    7. As has been pointed out - the letter on eluts.com is dated last year.

      Thanks! :daisy