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CP mini-fee: small bust body will be produced for girl (eventually)

Nov 27, 2005

    1. Mini fee small bust body? Luts (2005-11-26 )
      Hi~ lovely Niomi

      How are you doing ?

      Thanks for intereste our Dolls.

      We have only one Mini Fee Girl type body.

      We will make Mini Fee Small breasts in the future.

      Please wait for moment, Thanks for your patience~~(^^:)

      If you have any question, send mail to me or do write on Q&A board.

      Have a nice & happy day~!

      Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

      From: your friend......SEAN

      I love the new CP mini-fees! I like the style of the girl body but I'd like to own one with smaller breasts. Is this possible?

      I'm hoping for the small equivalent of the CP girl body. :D
      You know, when I first got into BJD I prefered large breasts, but now I like the small ones.
    2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! I fell in love with the Mini Fee Soo when I saw here, but was a little put off by the bust size. Looks like my prayers have been answered!
    3. :: points to sig ::

      mini fee el and lishe!!!
    4. Wow! I hope that they made it soon, I like this body but the other one will fit better my idea of girl ^^!