Craving Older Cerberus Project scuplts, Looking for Info/Discussion.

Dec 11, 2016

    1. Let me say this first of all, this is not a "WTB" thread or anything. I am not looking to buy an EL second hand.
      Just wondering if (Luts/Cerberus project/Fairyland) are ever going to re-release this beauty in a 60cm size again.

      I am aware that there is something going one between them that is preventing his re-release.
      Luts: Still has his sales page on their website but always marked as sold out.
      Fairlyland: Has 3 versions of him available, but not the original 60cm sculpt.

      This is not just EL but other Cerberus Project's dolls.
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    2. The old CP sculpts are still hugely popular and greatly desired. The last time Fairyland released them, they "got too overwhelmed", thew a hissy fit, shut everything down and vowed not to do it again. Childish, inept, unprofessional... if they can't handle it, they should just give them back to Luts. THEY never had a problem handling mad rushes and wildly popular dolls.
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    3. Honestly I am still so bitter about fairyland taking back all the delf scultps and not doing anything with them.
      They know they can't handle orders! They keep releasing new lines then getting rid of them within a year, it's ridiculous! :evil:

      If fairyland releases an SD doll or say they're gonna "temporarely discountinue a sculpt for maitenance" , get it right away because they will probably never do a second pre-order even if it's supposed to be a basic, non-limited item!
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    4. Sadly, I dont believe that Any old self sculpts will be released by Luts any longer, or ever again. They stopped productions on them when CP left and Started Fairyland. I'm a huge fan of the delf they released when CP worked for them.
      Fairyland has made SD size Els but I don't believe they are Delf size I think they're slightly larger. ( I could be wrong As I'm not a huge fairyland fan)
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    5. It was implied above but not stated outright, so just to be clear: the sculptors who now work for/make up Fairyland are the people who created and still own the sculpts of most of the original Delf line, which is why Luts doesn't sell those sculpts anymore. So barring some new partnership between the two, Luts will never re-release them, unfortunately for us.

      Fairyland has offered some of the original sculpts, or remade them (i.e. the new 60cm Soony who was I think an event head??) but as far as a regular rerelease... well... others above have already explained it pretty well. Fairyland on a whole does not seem keen on keeping up with a non-limited line, which is frustrating to deal with but of course their right as artists.
    6. I'm not sure why Luts continues to keep CP's Delfs on their site. To me they're doing it simply out of spite. But I can understand how it would be confusing to people who came into the hobby after the huge fallout between CP and Luts.

      But CP is pretty stubborn, and although I wish they would release the original Delf line once again, I don't see them doing it. They seem more content with making smaller dolls now.
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    7. ( Changed the title to include all of the CP's older sculpts. )

      I think that it's a pity that Fairyland's business practices get people so riled up.
      They make beautiful dolls but with what they are doing, they are creating a demand that they just can't keep up with. Or that's what I am seeing/reading.
      The kind of sales they are doing (limited ect.) they have to rely on the more impulsive shoppers with funds to spend.

      ....And I am remembering the whole Mess a few years ago with Fairyland's quality not being up to standard.
      Dolls where arriving from the factory with a bunch of problems with resin being thin or cracked and such.

      Again what can we do?

      If we can convince them that the older scuplts are still in high demand. ( and there is, just check out all the 'WTB' in teh MP fourm.)
      Maybe there is a way in which they could re-release them without getting overwhelmed.
      Like say, having a monthly ordering period. with a limit on how many of a certain sculpt can be ordered per month.
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    8. I believed they keep then on the site so people who buy them second hand can find where and when the sculps were release so they are not confused with the same fairy lands sculpts
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    9. I do miss the old Delfs... I want a Delf Shiwoo for my hoard, but the second-hand prices can be crazy at times...

      I'm still salty that they said YEARS AGO that they'd re-release all the old minifee heads with updated head magnets. Has that happened? NO. They re-released El, Lishe, and Shushu and then called it quits. And by "old minifee heads" I'm referring to 1-8 on their head sculpt list.
      Meanwhile, they keep cranking out these new limiteds for CRAZY prices ($1000+ for a mini-sized centaur excuse me?).

      Mini rant aside, back to the Delfs...

      I think Cerberus Project, as a company, needs to evaluate their priorities. Do they want to do dolls or anime figures? If dolls, do they want standards and limiteds, or purely limiteds? They seem to be all over the place with doll sizes, too. They have 13 doll lines, not including the two collab lines at the top of the list. XP

      Maybe if we email and bug them enough they'll bring them back? Probably not...
      But a rush of orders CAN'T be what they're afraid of- because that's what's going on right now with their 800 fairy line things.
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    10. Luts used to sell DELF size. (they now have a new line of delfs)
      Delfs are not Fairyland. Fairyland calls them Feeples there's a huge difference.
      CP used to work for luts, now works at fairyland. I believe a few of the old heads may still belong to luts to some extent or they just decided they woundnt rerelease them because of copy right issues with Luts.
      Cerberus is a sculptor/group of sculptors not a company. The figures I believe are a side project out side of the bjd hobby. And Like ring doll who the sculptor is also a cosplayer and fashion designer. Artists have many things they like to do. Why limit themselves to one thing.
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    11. @fusion_midnight
      I know who CP is. I remember the Luts-CP split very well. I've been in the hobby for over 10 years...

      I edited my post because I misread the initial question. I thought the OP was asking about why FL had listed Feeple 60 Els for sale or something. It went over my head that they meant minifee, littlefee, and pukifee.

      And I was saying maybe they should limit themselves because if they're freaking out about a multitude of orders, maybe they should limit how many things they're doing. That's why I brought up the figure sculpting.
    12. Thats ok I wasn't sure what you were confused about.

      They always have so many orders Personally I don't think they'd be so flooded if everything wasn't super limited. But They limit them selves to a hight volume of orders then have almost no quality control. I really think they need to work on processing orders. I do however also like the Delf size to the Feeple size more. But I have both. I do miss the old sculpts too. but I doubt they'd make any of them available again
    13. @fusion_midnight I agree with you that their QC is utter garbage. They used to send out a few bad dolls here and there, but then they took on the workload of limiteds- so all those outfits, fantasy parts, makeup, etc- and basically dug themselves a grave, especially every holiday season. They really need to just have standard releases with occasional gift heads/accessories...

      Is there a difference between the Delf body and the Feeple 60 body? I always thought that was the closest to the old Delf body but with updated jointing.

      And with Luts somehow holding on to the "Delf" name, it appears CP/FL still release old sculpts as long as they rename them, like Ital = Breakaway + a scar mod. And then they sometimes release an old Delf sculpt with a mod (i.e. elf ears) to be one of the "Juri" sculpts. Or when they first opened Fairyland and sold the Feeple70, they had "A Head" which was a Moon dreaming vamp head.

      So it seems like they could re-release the old Delfs under a different name, but they seem to be sticking to the mini and below size category. Which stinks imo.
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    14. yeah theres a really huge difference between the feeples and delfs also a huge difference betweent he F60 and Delfs tho theyre the same size.
      yeah I think they have a few of them which they renamed. Think they may have done that to get away with the copy right. I'm not sure though.
    15. *creeps out of the shadows*

      Firstly, can I just say it's really nice to hear that other people still remember the older sculpts with such fondness, and also, I recognise a few names in this thread from back in the day, also nice after years of wondering where everyone went!

      Secondly, I have made it my hobbies work to go aorund collecting up old Delfs and hoarding them like a dragon with gold, so this warms my black little heart. I'm not the only one either, I know of at least 3 other collectors who are still regularly saving the old boys and girls, so they are at least still out there even if FL couldn't organise the proverbial drunken party in a brewery and Luts is still in full on denial mode about the whole situation.

      Personally, I'm not fond of the FL F60's, I don't like the "shove every joint possible in" mentality and actually prefer my very precious type 1's and 2's from the Luts days, so it's quite possible I'm biased, but I would DEARLY LOVE Luts to get back the licenses for those original sculpts and reproduce them. There's something about the old casts that is just so much BETTER in my eyes and I have no idea what it is. Obviously this is all personal opinion and YMMV, but I and several other people I know are sat out here, on the very fringes of the hobby, patiently waiting for Luts to pick them back up and give us things like option parts and the like again.
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    16. Hahaha yeah, if I sound bitter it is definitely because I AM. The old Delfs still are and ever will be my favorite dolls and it absolutely breaks my heart that there is no good reason they aren't around anymore.
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    17. This is just my opinion, but I like the old sculpts better because they were hand sculpted, instead of FL's perfectly symmetrical CG. The old ones have more life to them.
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    18. It's not just their old sculpts that CP has abandoned, they seem really against re-releasing certain lines in general like the 60cm boys. Male and 60cm was their bread and butter in the old days, I am sure they could be good sellers again, it seems there is something other then market demand driving their sales decisions, but what, I don't know.

      I feel like i'm winding down on doll purchases these days, I would really a Lunualla and Mirwen on feeple 60 non-muscular (this version is so hard to find secondhand) boy body before I call it quits, but it may not happen.
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    19. @Lulu I'm also very fond of the old CP body. I may not have a Delf, but I know the original minifees were sculpted to be the 45cm equivalent of the body, and I love the B-line body so much. It's so aesthetically pleasing to look at imo. And I agree about the "jointing everything" trend. I honestly can't stand the A-line minifee boy body, so I can't imagine what I'd do with an SD-sized Feeple one.

      I feel like the BJD hobby has taken a turn in what sells and what doesn't. It seems really tall, manly, realistic, and really dainty are what's "in" these days. (looking at you Granado boys and all those curvy girl artist sculpts).
      So the older, simple "big eyes" "anime-ish" aesthetic of older dolls seems to be no longer in-favor. :(
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    20. @Wolfie Pie I believe you and I were in the first wave of people to buy MNF shiwoo's back in the day (Trys is still with me, 10 years old, still going strong!), and we own the same vintage boys still as a result. I think I can safely say that body remains my favourite MSD ever, the Delf remains my favourite SD ever, I'm clinging to the concept that since no one else wants any of these beauties now, there's more for those of us who do!

      Don't get me wrong, the realism trend is lovely to look at, and I think they're beautiful, but they don't gut punch me the way the CP lot do, who knows why!
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