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Crazy Ordering Stories

Apr 14, 2010

    1. For when the misadventures of a doll start before they're even paid for!

      I had the usual difficulty getting myself to order my first-- so much money, the parents are NOT going to approve, do I really want to do this right now (he's not a limited), I want him so much but it's a bad idea, I have the money in savings but no job right now...
      I kept putting him in the cart and then going away and then doing it again.

      I actually ended up ordering him at my sister's birthday party, drunk enough that I was glad I'd done all those practice carts so I didn't have to worry about messing anything up! :o Didn't tell anyone what had happened until several days later. It was quite a fiasco, and I'm certainly not proud of it, but otherwise he probably wouldn't be on his way right now. I'm glad to find that so far I don't regret anything.

      So, what are your most irresponsible, craziest purchase stories? Were there repercussions, or just something to laugh about for months/years to come? Was it a doll you kept, or one you ended up selling?

      I searched and there didn't appear to be any recent threads on this particular topic... I hope I'm not repeating too much! :?
    2. I normally discuss any ordering I do over with my fiance, or at least let him know what i had done and suffer his slightly peeved looks and disgruntled sighs. I recently got a rather large tax return and after taking care of some previous responsibilities and paid for a doll I had told him I was going to buy then the spare cash started to burn a hole in my pocket and...uh...i first bought a souldoll chantel then a week later I put a Dollshe Bernard on order...oh dear me how am I going to explain BOTH these dolls to my family...and future husband !? lol :/
    3. I ordered my first doll from an Australian vendor on eBay because the site's transaction process was simple and familiar.
      BIG mistake. I wound up waiting six months for that doll because of the distance and several setbacks with the guy.
      Then again, that's only half the time it took me to actually talk my parents into letting me get the doll.
    4. I caved in and purchased a limited doll a week after purchasing my first, and so I felt silly and a bit bad. I hid the box under the bed when I went to school, and whaddya know? Hubby decided to vacuum the room that day and the box was on top of the bed when I got home. He just gave me one of those looks and shook his finger like I was silly. :P
    5. It took me two tries to order my doll because for some reason, paypal wasn't acknowledging the purchase -_-"
      I was double and triple checking that I wasn't buying two dolls XD
    6. Ahahahaha I'm glad you mentioned practice carts, I've been putting the doll I want in the cart like every day this week and I was starting to wonder if I was deranged.
      I haven't ordered a doll yet so I have no stories. -A-;; But I think I feel like you.. if I got drunk I would probably order her right now. It's soooo hard to resist.
    7. Crazy would be a good way to describe the purchase of one of my minis. For quite a while I’ve liked the dolls of a certain Chinese company, because their size is just a little different and the faces are cute, but there’s only one dealer in Europe and the dealer in the US is not allowed to sell to people in Europe. That wouldn’t be such a problem if there hadn’t been a certain person with a market place ban here at DoA loudly proclaiming here at DoA and other places she works for the EU dealer. Some of my friends have sent their dolls to this person and discovered their dolls had been modded when they got their dolls back. They were never asked if they wanted those mods, they never gave permission, and in certain cases they weren't even told about the mods.
      Said person also bragged about doing the website layout for the EU dealer, uploading new items to the web shop, taking pictures of items for sale, etc. I figured that if said person is so into the website, she’d most likely also have access to all contact forms sent through the website and I would not be able to reach the dealer.

      So in the end I made a few comments on a small Dutch forum about how I was sad I could not buy one of the dolls I liked, because I don’t think it’s smart to deal with people who have DoA MP bans and that I found a body from that doll company on the secondary market. After that it was no longer on my mind.
      Months later both said person and the EU dealer accuse me for ruining the shop. The dealer even accused me through PM for causing people to buy from illegal eBay dealers and some other stuff in her personal life. (For which I got an apology from the dealer afterwards.)

      I’m glad the dealer and I managed to work it out like adults and that I was able to buy a doll from her with the guarantee that said person would not get near the doll (i.e. I would get a doll that was untouched and not “improved”, as that was my biggest worry) and would have nothing to do with the deal.
      I’m very happy with the doll, as she’s of good quality and really cute, but it was the ordering process with the most unpleasant feelings attached to it, though. Perhaps for both sides, which makes me glad it worked out well in the end.
    8. I think the only really crazy story I have comes from Yuriko. I was at college, and still pretty full of student loan money. I finally end up going to nDoll and ordering her, paying right away through Paypal, which was linked to my debit card at the time rather than my savings account. So, the next thing I know, I'm getting a call from my mom, saying "This 'Verified by Visa' thing called and wants you to confirm a transaction." (Since the bank details still have my primary phone number as being my parents' house.) For a bit, I thought the cat was out of the bag and I was going to have to explain that I just spent $700 on a doll! But no, instead, I simply got to fret and worry for a month while watching the EMS shipping never update until she finally got to my dorm, right before Thanksgiving break!
    9. When I purchased my MNF Carl (my third doll) a couple of 'fun' things happened.

      1) the first two transactions didn't go through because I didn't input my postal address correctly. I had JUST moved into an apartment, and therefore wasn't really familiar with how apartment + street numbers are sometimes input. Then I remembered my aunt telling me how she 'sometimes writes her address' and the transaction finally went through.

      2) after the transaction went through, I get a call from the bank that my Visa card is from the next day. They'd frozen my card because of the large overseas purchase. A) because it was in Seoul, and B) because it was larger than my usual run of $50-100 purchases. I had to verify my identity, then my address, several of my previous purchase amounts on the account, and where my home bank was before she'd unlock it. Lucky me, I'm braindead when it comes to my previous purchases and the exact address of my branch. At the time I completely forgot I had bought groceries between the time my MMO billed me and I purchased the doll as well. Luckily she unfroze the card anyway ^^; -- the faulty transactions from #1 were also mentioned x_x
    10. I bought my doll without telling my mom. She then finds out that i didn't transfer the money owed her to her account. In other words i didn't pay my mom that day, but instead bought the doll.
      (It called to me i swear! it beckoned)
      She was pissed, but in the end things turned out well. I got to pay her back and get to have my doll and buy new clothes for him too. xD
    11. Nothing really major and I attributed it to first-time-buyer-nerves but when I ordered my boy from Luts, for the loooooongest time it said something about Confirming Receipt or something like that. I got myself all worked up into a panic thinking that, for some reason, the money hadn't gone through yet. Luckily, when they emailed me back, they explained that's just what the order says until the doll ships out. A little embarrassing but it still makes me smile when I remember finally getting to purchase my first doll!
    12. I was half-asleep and nearly blind (wasn't wearing my contacts or glasses) when I purchased my Iplehouse Claude, Lennox. I remember this all so well because I bought him on Independence Day here in my country.

      My friend (delgadina here) was putting up some of her stuff for sale on Facebook. I knew she would be selling some of her dolls; I was just bypassing everything since I was so, so sleepy. When she uploaded photos of Claude (I did not expect to be interested at all, mind you), I stared at it, asked her some questions, and before I knew it, he was on layaway to me JUST LIKE THAT. XD

      Now that I look back on it, it was an impulse buy. I've always wanted a Claude and was all sad!pinata because he was an LE Elemental Guardian, but I didn't think I would just be able to get him like that...and from a real life friend, too! I'm glad I bought him despite my lack of coherence that morning because we've bonded really well and I can't imagine my doll family without him now. ;)
    13. Well Soom was having a special order thing going on... and I spent HOURS refreshing the page while my husband and friends were all watching a movie across the room. Soom never started the event that day and it was rescheduled. Thankfully in the end I still got the outfit I was after, but that is three hours of my life I am never getting back.
    14. I made my first order with Leekeworld in the summer, and paid through Paypal immediately. They then sent me the bill, and I realized with horror that the email on my Paypal and the email on my Leekeworld account were different. Until they updated my account and confirmed my order a month and a half later, I didn't know if they knew I'd paid for it. I should have just emailed them and asked, but I chickened out.

      The only other crazy story is that I came into a little money and spent half of it getting Danae, my RS Mei, and kitting her out with the right wig, eyes, wig cap, eyelashes, just sort of getting everything in one go. Then the next day I got marketplace access and found my dream doll, a freckled LF Ante Elf. But I no longer could really afford it! Luckily my partner paid for it, and I paid him back in installments, but for a while I felt pretty dumb for ordering a doll and everything for her when I was only a dozen posts down from access. >_>
    15. I ordered my Kenny (Volks Kanata) from a lovely lady in Australia + & because I know naught of shipping/was braindead/was being cheap I told her SURE send it by boat. Not realizing that you can't TRACK it that way....
      So I spent 4 months (October until 2nd week of January ~sigh~) wondering if my boy had just been swallowed by the ocean.
      Never again...I ordered another doll from Australia & had it shipped EMS & nevermind the $$$$!
    16. I had a "small" issue with one of the US dealers accidentally charging me for a whole doll and not just the body I was ordering recently. But they reimbursed me immidiately, it was just a rough couple of days watching it hoping it would all go through ok. I'm now just waiting on the long company wait time for my body.
      I'd still order from that dealer in the future, they've always been prompt if there is an issue and it's always worked out.
    17. Last week I spent a few hours waffling back and forth about whether or not to purchase a Pukifee Flora that was up for sale on eBay. I kept telling myself that even if I had enough money in my account it was still a couple weeks until payday and that I needed to save my money for other, more important things...but I'd keep going back to her eBay page and seeing how cute she was.

      In the end I buckled and I bought her. And this is why I shouldn't be allowed to eBay, ever.
    18. Well...I don't buy impulse too often, but when I bought my Miyu, it's because I was still waiting for Myla!
      And she arrived, like, two days after I paid for her.
      I was the happiest person you could have ever encountered.
    19. I am someone who will always be conflicted when I get interested in a certain doll. I look at the pro's and con's, the price, the timing, and so on, and still a lot of my dolls end up being impuls buys, or worse.

      #1: The first doll I found and loved (Dollshe saint old version) went out of production about 2 months before I would have had the money ready ......... so I kinda gave up on him... until 3 weeks later I found out Luts still had a few of him in stock. I still did not have the money so I broke my savings (without telling anyone) to get him.

      #2: My littlefee Ante, I had fallen sooo in love with her first preview pictures that I had to order her NOW, I ended up ordering whilst in line for a haunted house during halloween fright night at an amusement park .... (order went wrong though so had to repeat once at home)

      #3: Josephine, my Dollzone Reiko hybrid. I am a big Tim Burton fan, so when (on my local forum) someone posted a sales thread about a "sleepy hollow" inspired doll I could not resist looking........ and fell utterly in love with the doll. at the time I was broke and did not have the money to get the doll, and she got picked up by someone else before I could get the money together. I was very sad to have missed her, and tried to forget about her, until ............. about 1-2 months later when she was put back up for sale by her new owner. I scrambled, got the money, and bought her there and then.

      Was it a doll you kept, or one you ended up selling?
      I have kept each of these dolls, and as of now have no intention on ever selling them. I only buy a doll when I really LOVE it.
      And thus far I have been so lucky as to have NEVER sold a doll, and I am not planning to start any time soon. :D
    20. I think I've posted this story somewhere else in the forum before, but I don't know where.... SO I'LL TELL YA'LL AGAIN.

      I was almost 13, all set up to buy a migidoll Ryu, (my dream doll), and a body of my choice (This was before migi released their boy bodies), but I had JUST missed the ordering period when I finally got all the money in place. So, I don't know why, I was browsing eBay for dolls, and there was an Elfdoll Soah. I had the money. I figured I could save it up again for Ryu by the time the next ordering period came up. So completely on impulse, perhaps a little out of impatience, I bought the Soah. Then literally that week migi released a new doll head (it might have been Jina? Or maybe Yujin? I can't remember), so they had a sale for ALL their heads! I felt so awful about buying the Soah! But! My mother convinced me that I could save up the money for the Ryu head by the end of the ordering period and she was right! So I ordered my Ryu on the LAST day of the ordering period, only to see that he was sold out. I was crushed. But then I saw a notice saying to ignore the sold out statuses of the dolls because they would continue to be made to order. So we ordered, but then we realized that the ordering period was already over in Korea! But when we asked migi about it, she said that the order had still gone through! Doll ordering roller coaster!

      As bad as I felt about the Soah, I kept her, and despite our early bonding problems, I refused to sell her (though I did recently sell her body). Her name is Eleana, she has a Shallowsleep faceup now, and I'm planning on getting her an SDGrG body someday. The Ryu head I was in love with the second I opened the box. And yet it somehow took me about a year to buy his body. (this is when migi released the first batch of migidoll boy bodies, and it was so gangly and perfect for my Ryu's character!) And after that it took me almost another year for me to get him a faceup (also Shallowsleep). Now all he needs is his girlfriend. His name is Ian.

      That is my crazy doll ordering story, and also the story of my first doll(s).