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Creating a doll journal / baby book/ photo album online

Mar 5, 2019

    1. I've long wanted to create a doll journal online. I enjoy blogging. I also am pretty good with graphics. The one thing that prevents me is that I have no idea where to host it. To be honest, wordpress is a bit.. intimidating. I'm really not sure I could get the hang of it. Where do you guys host? I want something I can customize with cute icons and sections and such.. but not get a migraine from having to figure out how to make it all work. I also know as I get to know each of you better, I might want to link up to you and so having the same host would probably make it much easier. Thoughts? Experiences? Lessons learned?
      I will be unboxing my first doll Thursday and buying another. Yes.. I thought I was going to manage to be happy with just one. I feel like this is an obsession now thats taken hold. What do you regret not taking pictures of or logging?
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    2. Congratulations on your first (and also second XD) doll!

      I use SquareSpace for both of my personal websites (one for graphic design stuff, one for illustrations). Both sites are basically just image galleries, however, SquareSpace does have templates specifically for blogs. I just haven't used them myself so I can't really give much more information other than that's an option. I really liked SquareSpace because sites there are built using a simple drag and drop system. There's a tutorial for everything it seems, and if you'd like to add some custom CSS, someone probably has made some available for the template you're working off of.

      I personally use Instagram as my main doll "journal", but I've really been considering making a blog myself. A lot of my Japanese mutuals are still blogging hard, which is interesting to me as it seems like blogging has sort of just died over in the west as social media has gotten larger and larger. I like the idea of being able to post however much content I want (as you can probably tell from this post alone, I'm quite the chatterbox :lol: ) without character limits in the way. Most social media platforms also really downgrade your image quality, so that's another reason I've been considering making a blog. I have a lot of photos that aren't really "social media ready" if that makes any sense. They're kind of sloppy photos, a lot of behind the scenes stuff, crafting fails, an unboxing video, photos of me going through my doll clothes...things like that where I wouldn't really post on Instagram but would probably post on a blog that's just about casual doll stuff.
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    3. Congrats on your first doll ! I'm soon buying my own first so I share the excitement !
      As for websites- the only one I truly have experience with isn't quite a blogging site, but it's carrd ! It's very simply and let's you do quite a bit of stuff ! It's free to a certain extend too so you can try it and decide if you like it or not.
      As for more .. calssical options. Tumblr ? Tumblr is a little messy with all it's policies right now, but honestly doll photos should be no issue. It lets you choose custom templates or make ones yourself. (though choosing custom is easier, of course).
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    4. I'm not sure what cost options are, but I love Wix! I've used Wix and Wordpress for years to make my websites, and wix is so much easier. They have a high focus on making things easy and visually appealing. The learning curve is much lower than other platforms I've tried.
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    5. Long ago, I used livejournal, not sure if anyone remembers that. I think WordPress will work just fine. Wix is an “overkill”, it’s a web host, expensive, I use that for my company’s website and web store. The Gallery options are super cool but like what I said, it’s too much.

      I did something few people do - I printed an album for my oldest BJD when he turned 10. A real hard cover photo album documenting his time with me over the years. I will print another for him on his 20th birthday. There’s something special about old fashion albums when you flip the pages. I hope the hard cover album will follow him to his future home and his new mommy will continue to print albums for him every decade he stays alive.

      [​IMG]A photobook for Isao......through the years...... by infinity_zero, on Flickr
      #5 stargazer_i, Mar 11, 2019
      Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
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    6. This is the cutest thing ever and I regret not doing this last year when Amir hit ten years with me! I guess it’s really not too late, he hits 11 years in two weeks!
    7. I only make online photo albums about them, but after they are all finished, I'm thinking on printing their best photos and add them to a real album :)
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    8. Dear Maeandmozzie, hello. I am new here so I am reading old postings to catch up. I just read this post by you.

      So what did you do? Did you find a webhost. Did you create a life book? I would love to know.