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Creations248 Feedback

Apr 24, 2008

    1. If you have had dealings with me please post feedback here.
      I can also be found on eBay as CathyJ248. Thanks.
    2. Creations248 bought an outfit for tinies from me, and she's the sweetest customer :)
      Prompt payment and fast and friendly communication. Can't ask for more !!
      She's welcome back any time, and I'd recommend her to anyone !

      Thank you Cathy :)
    3. Cathy bought an Ipsae from me. It was a smooth and easy transaction. Would deal with her again in a heartbeat! :)
    4. Cathy bought my elfdoll Soah, she paid fast and is very friendly. A great transaction. Hope you like your new girl!
    5. I sold a Unidoll Dalia to Creations248 and she was lovely throughout the transaction-great communicatoin, quick payment and very friendly :) I couldn't have asked for better!
    6. I sold a doll to Creations248. She paid quickly and was great to deal with.
    7. Sold a DT 13g body to Creations and she was wonderful to deal with! She paid quickly and responded to pm's quick! Would definitely do business with again! Thanks!
    8. Creations248 purchased MSD sized clothing from me. She is fantastic to work with, great communications and immediate payment! Highly recommend!!!

      Thanks again, Cathy!!!
    9. Creations248 purchased 2 dollfie dreams from me! She was very responsive, and It was a very easy transaction, paid right away, very nice I reccomend her! ^O^
    10. Creations248/Cathy bought my RS Iplehouse EID Luna. She paid fast and was always good about getting me info that I needed to make the transaction run smooothly. I would sell or buy form her with no hesitation. Hope she is very happy with Luna and her goodies. :D
    11. Creations248 bought a fullset from me and it was great transaction. Her payment was fast and communication was also great. She informed me when she got the package. I'd love to do business with her again in future. Thanks!
    12. Cathy bought a body from me; communication was excellent and she paid quickly! Thank you so much for a lovely transaction!!!
    13. Cathy bought two Dollheart outfits from me - she paid very quickly - and her communications were friendly and
      prompt as well. Thank you Cathy, for a lovely transaction!!! Hope that you get much use out of these outfits
      (they've certainly not been used here!).
      Robyn_in_WA :)
    14. Cathy bought a Volks SD16 outfit from me. Her payment was very fast and her contacts is perfect! I highly recommend her for any doll transaction here. Thank you again, Barb in MA
    15. Creations248 purchased my Lusion Black Dahlia and everything went perfectly! She paid super fast and let me know that she arrived safely ^_^ I couldn't ask for a better transaction, thanks!
    16. Hi

      Creations248 purchased an I-Doll Alice Head (Pale Skin) from me with a custom face-up I had done on it. Thank you for bringing a great girl into your home. She was so expressive when she was here. :3

      As for our transaction, it couldn't have been any more awesome. XD Her communication was fabulous and she paid super quick. I enjoyed talking to her and glad I could've shipped her head ASAP for her. Also, this is apparently the second transaction I've done with her. ovo I totally didn't know. lol

      I wouldn't hesitate to do another transaction with her. She's been great!

      I hope you love your new girl! :D

      - Lum Out -
    17. Creations248 bought some wigs in a group order for jakzjewels that I ran. Payment was speedy and when promised and communication was smooth. Would totally deal with again anytime!
    18. Creations248 purchased a head from me and she was quick to pay and her pms were friendly.
      Thank You, C