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Creative things to do with BJDs besides photoshoots?

May 7, 2011

    1. So theres photoshoots, and stopmotions, changing their outfits, etc. Are there any other creative things you can do with them? Just curious :) :D!

      Sorry if there is already a thread like this >.<:?
    2. I've seen BJDs used as subjects for poses for paintings before, if that counts?
    3. Hmm, well many people write fiction. Stories of sorts, so they customize dolls to look like their characters. Also there's doll cosplay. I'm not sure if these two count though...
    4. Posing them for paintings, making clothes using them... These seem quite common and are things I do, I would like to hear about really unique uses of BJDs :) Im always fascinated when people have used them for films and for animation.
    5. We once hosted a dollmeet in which the dolls participated in a sort of role play game: Heroes Versus Villains Tournament.

      It did take quite a bit of preparation to come up with it, but we thought we would try and do something different in a dollmeet other than just taking pics.
    6. Wow, that Tournament looks like lots of fun! I would love to see more stuff like that around!

      On the subject of other things you can do with your dolls, you can always play with them XD But that seems standard as well. I personally haven't really thought of other things to do with BJDs, though now I think I might ponder it...
    7. I use mine to get a laugh out of people sometimes :P For example: The other day at chorus practice the teacher said to raise your hand if you wanted a solo, so I stood Theodore on the piano and raised his hand. >> And yesterday for my stepmom's birthday I had him hold up her birthday card and she got a kick out of that. ^^
    8. I do my dolls faceups and I sew them clothing :)
    9. Use them as models for drawing, make clothes and accessories for them, develop their characters, write fiction about them, do your own faceups and other modifications -- I'm sure there's other stuff too, this is just what I thought of off the top of my head.
    10. nice thread i wonder this too sometimes ^-^ since i can't do face-ups or sew that well
    11. Maybe a bit boring and obvious, but I think painting, hybridizing and modifying
      these dolls is also pretty creative. Even if the outcome is not in everyone&#8217;s taste. ^ ^

      - Enzyme
    12. There's a lot you can do with these dolls!
      As some have said, they can become models for painting or drawing (so much better than those darn wooden mannequins).
      Sometimes the doll itself becomes the canvas, with tattoos or markings.
      Some take it a step further and modify them by carving or sanding the resin.
      Sculptors create their own heads/bodies.
      Some sew, knit or crochet for them, creating beautiful outfits.
      There are those who sculpt/make objects for use as props for BJDs; food, toys, jewellery, furniture, armour, and much much more.
      There's also custom wigs and eyes!
      Some customize the dolls to become a character, from TV, books, comics and movies, or from their own heads. Turning a character into a doll can really bring the character 'to life'.
      For some they become 'interactive art', they make them beautiful and then pose them, sometimes in scale rooms, and admire them.

      I'm sure there's more I'm missing, BJD are a great creative medium.
    13. One of the reasons I want the dolls is to use them as models for my writing. I have the characters I just need the physical representation of the characters. I feel like having them there and working with them will let me really flesh out the characters and make them more real. I want to use them for photography as well to also help make my characters. Decide little things about them. And I've changed my ideas on some of the characters based off which doll I'm looking at for them. Like deciding short hair instead of long. It seems kinda strange, but I look at these dolls to help motivate me and inspire me with my writing.
    14. Maybe you could dress them up as a character and use them to spice up your own cosplay. ^^
      For example, if I cosplayed Ciel Phantomhive and was holding a mini-Sebastian. 8D

      You can also practice sewing patterns on them.
    15. I know I personally don't do much so I wonder if I would be good at giving ideas. :sweat

      I just use my boy as a model for my pictures/draw pictures of him obsessively. He actually helped me improve anatomy tons since before getting him I had nothing to really learn from ((even though I have tons of figures)). :sweat Also I sew clothing.....making clothing is fun. :) ((One day I make something matching for us! I first learned clothing for people a while ago, plus making stuffed animals and plushies, and then I went down to doll size when my boy came ^^)) Writing stories is also another thing. Or doing faceups/modding/ect like this is yet another thing.

      Hrm......I know in the car I have him hold my iPod for me. ;)*shot*

      E-erm anyway.....he really just inspires me for art and stuff so....mhm. :sweat :o
    16. Modds or add things robotic related!
    17. You might not believe it. I got my first BJD with the intention to sew, perfecting my sewing skill. And of course, it evolves into something more now. Like, I customise my guys to represent anime characters, write stories on them (though I am really bad in literature), draw them, practice make up on them and I may eventually get into sculpting.
    18. My BBB Apollo's clothes arrived yesterday. He didn't ship out yet, so I've just got this box of SD clothes that I can't do anything with until he gets there. That's when I had the idea to see what Emma (my MSD-sized doll) would look like wearing her brother's stuff. I took a couple of photos. It's in the gallery.
    19. All of the above. As for the art aspect, I want to make cards and calendars from my favorite images of them. Part of the "doing with them" for me is the connection with other people who enjoy the hobby. I love looking at what other people do with their dolls. Reading about them, thinking about the questions raised in our debates and discussions. They add a happy place in life. Not just an escape, thought probably that. But a destination worthy of my time because simply enjoying being alive and human is a worthy destination.
    20. My number one reason for having the dolls is something I haven't seen mentioned here yet and that's role play! Not like a role play GAME, but ongoing role play, which is like writing a story but interactive. I've been playing mine for about 2 and a half years online, mostly on IM but also on a few different RP sites. I've made a lot of friends this way, so its not just about interacting with my doll but also about being social and meeting other real people. This interaction makes so much more come out of my characters than I'd think of on my own and helps me figure out how my dolls would relate to various others.