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Creative ways to display heads?

May 20, 2016

    1. Hi!

      So I have WAY more heads than I do bodies. Does anyone have a creative way to display them? I know there are some torso's you can buy, but for me that would be uneconomical because of the amount of heads I have.

    2. I use a beanbag to photograph face-ups. A beanbag works great because you can put the head on it in different positions and it stays there safely (if the bag is big enough and not too full).

      Maybe making the beanbag to reflect the dolls personality or style? Pink, frilly bag with diamonds for a princess and denim for a more casual doll :)

      [​IMG]Dimples! by Pionitar, on Flickr
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    3. One of the ideas that I suddenly got when I was just window-shopping some home decor shops is that there's these stackable glass candy dishes that look good for displaying doll heads. Come in different sizes, at least I've seen ones that would nicely fit both mini and large heads. If decorated with something, maybe something soft so that the head isn't directly on the glass and is tilted correctly, I think it would look nice.
    4. I love the stackable container idea. I think I'm going to try that.
    5. I keep my werewolf's extra head in a photo-display box. It's meant to be so that you can put photos on each side of the box and keep trinkets in it, but I just took the backing out so that it's got windows now. Back when I had more floating heads than that, I kept them in apothecary jars on a shelf.

      I had the idea of putting them under glass domes though, like shrunken heads or curiosities.
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    6. I don't have that issue (yet), but depending on the doll, I was thinking the doll size dress forms would work or a diorama frame you hang on the wall.

      I really like this idea! I would just need the space
    7. I uh, I leave my floating head on my other doll's lap and put her hands around him to keep him a bit more stable
    8. I've kept heads in sterilized Talenti ice cream containers for a while. For my personal heads I was trying to be "creative" and put some dyed red and brown gauze inside of there for protection.

      Needless to say I was trying to look like decapitated heads. >>;
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    9. I have so many of those containers.. I may decapitate a doll on purpose now...
    10. @Spacegawt I forgot to add that I removed the printed text on the jars themselves for maximum effect. Having the Talenti gelato and -insert flavor- text over a gorey display is just so silly looking.

      A cotton ball with some nail polish remover/acetone did the trick! Just don't let it sit too long on the plastic, since it'll melt the container.
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    11. Ha, I like the shrunken head idea!
    12. On little pikes.
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    13. I really like the glass cloche idea. They look great on display when you have a variety of shapes and sizes.

      My other thought was something like the wig stands you can get that are made out of timber. A wooden base and a piece of dowel and some padding. Like the old fashioned tufted wig/hat stands.

      Also I recommend you google image search "return to oz mombi" hehehehe
    14. I really want to build my head a little base to sit on that looks like Spy's severed head life support system from the TF2 'Meet the Medic' video... Going for something not gruesome, but clearly meant to be a severed head. Plus, for Moz... well, it suits him. Considering the time he spends as a pulpy sci-fi severed head, in-story (the reason I don't feel bad about not buying him a body of his own).
    15. [​IMG]

      I re-purposed my husband's empty Patron tequila gift set display case into... a head storage unit!! XD

      When my husband received the gift set, my imagination was immediately set ablaze when I saw the display case. I thought, "Ooh! A storage space for my tinies!" Welp, it's too small to comfortably store Yo-SDs, so I set the display aside for a while, determined to make something out of it. In the meantime, we enjoyed the tequila, haha!

      On a rainy afternoon, I took the display case out on a whim and removed the plastic bits that held the bottles into the case and took out some of my floating heads, and well...the picture says it all! :lol:
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    16. Wow! This is incredible! So creative!
      I really love what you did with this, I might have to do a better job with my floating heads. :D
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    17. Oh, the case idea is nice!
    18. Not my pic, but it's cool.

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    19. :) I saw some image that someone used wooden turned finnial.
    20. I like the pike idea on the wall, he he.

      If you could find a little CD storage tower, would look like 'Game of Thrones ' faceless ones.
      No room to display. Enclose in nearly invisible fine net, suspend from a single rope like garlic or peppers, or individually from ceiling.

      Get or make a wreath, fasten heads to it, add ribbon, bows, etc. Display on the wall.