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Creative wig & eye storage

Jun 29, 2019

    1. Anyone have any wig and eye storage systems that work well?
      I've been not very happy with how my eyes and wigs are organized. I want them to be easily accessible but also compact. For wigs, I've been considering buying something like an ornament storage case. Has anyone tried those? Currently, I use a plastic container with compartments for eyes but it doesn't look as nice as I'd like.
      Please show your storage ideas!
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    2. I use a divided storage case for the eyes, like you mentioned, but the one I have is for crafts, so it's only about 3/4" high. I stick putty on the backs, so I can see the eyes easily and they don't move around.
      My wigs are in a decorative box, but not divided. I do wrap a hair net around each one though.
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    3. I use an ornament organizer for my wigs and I think it works very well! It keeps them from getting squished and if you get the kind with moveable dividers, you can give longer or bigger wigs more space. A smaller wigs less space.

      As for my eyes, I keep them either in their boxes that they came in (if it's a nice box with foam) or I put them in a small organizer.
    4. I currently have...a large number of wigs, let’s leave it at that....so am curious about this as well.
    5. I have compact storage but it isn’t pretty.

      My eyes are in an organizer meant for beads and I have them separated by size. I don’t have many spare eyes so it’s easy to fit them in along with s-hooks, jewelry making stuff, neck donuts, eye putty, etc.

      My spare wigs are in their boxes or bags in a large plastic storage container that fits easily in the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers.

      While we’re talking storage, I store each doll’s clothes and accessories in their own individual shoe box size plastic tubs in that same chest and the doll boxes are stacked on the top shelf of the closet, each labeled on the side with a sticky note with the doll’s name.
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    6. I use an ornament case for wigs. I also use styrofoam balls covered in tissue paper to help the wigs keep their shape while stored.
      I'm really bad with eyes though so I'd love to see what people use to organize them.
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    7. I've been using a weekly pill organizer to store my bjd eyes. I don't have a good system for storing wigs yet,I just have my extra wigs in a drawer.
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    8. I'm generally a sort of messy person, but I'm trying (emphasis on trying) to keep my doll stuff in order. And since I keep my dolls in my room at my parents house, I'm constantly having space issues. But moving all I have accumulated over the course of eight years to my flat would probably take a huge freight container :D

      I usually keep wigs I don't use in their original package (complete with a hair net and a small ball of paper to help them retain their shape) and then I put them in a box unless they are meant for a specific doll. In that case, I usually put them into the doll box if there is enough space. So no real system here.

      As for the spare eyes, I use empty Kinder Surprise plastic egg thingies: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/XZ8AAOSwNYRZnTzN/s-l300.jpg. I label them with colour and size (and other necessary info). The only downside is that the containers are not see-through. However, the advantage is whenever I need a new case, I got to eat a chocolate egg :)
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    9. I keep my eyes in tiny grip seal bags which all go inside a bigger grip seal bag which goes inside my clothing storage tub. Each pair of eyes is labelled with the size and code (I get them all from the same place so I don't need to specify the make). If they're in use I put a slip of paper in the bag saying which doll they're currently in, so I don't forget which eyes my dolls are wearing. This is very organised for me. Also takes up minimal space.

      I'm not even going to talk about how I store my wigs. Suffice to say, it does not work well and therefore isn't relevant to this discussion xD (I'm taking notes from everyone else in this thread!)
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    10. @Nell My husband got me these in store when they were on clearance after Christmas. And I use this case for my eyes.
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    11. I can't tell about eyes, because I have too few and most are worn anyway (I have like 3 pairs spare). But I have a lot of wigs. I store them in the soft nets that they come in from the shop. I then store them in elongated, flat boxes (like those you get from holiday gift sets of cosmetics). They're see-through, so I can decide whether to open the box or not, to begin with. Then, they're not too deep, so I don't have to move the wigs too much to pick up the one I need. Because they're elongated,they can carry many wigs at once, though :) It is a cheap solution, but it works best with me. Much better than e.g. shoe boxes which I found too deep. Digging too much in the wig pile simply ruins them. (I have tons of mohair)
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    12. pill organizer for eyes... just a box for the wigs!
    13. I put the eyes in a case.
      The wigs..just put them in a drawer.
    14. I just got an earring box for my eyes. I was going to buy the plastic ones but wanted something that looks nice and has a soft lining.
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    15. Thanks! I figured if I don’t fill it with eyes I can use it for extra small parts too. But if someone needed more of them it’s a velvet like material so you could stack them and there would be no slipping.
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