Creators that you can't find anymore.

Oct 2, 2020

    1. Hello all, it's been a long time since I've posted anything to DOA so hopefully, this is in the right spot. Quarantine has reignited my passion for dolls and doll content in general. I wanted to ask you all if you have any content creators you all miss in the hobby because I've noticed the BJD community on youtube seems a lot smaller than it was in previous years as well as a number of etsy shops I enjoyed have either stopped selling things or seemingly dropped off of the face of the earth. There are some content creators that I enjoyed but I can't remember their online handles so I can't even check if they are still making content. Does anyone else share this sentiment? I know that I personally really miss Feerie Doll atelier on Etsy, but I can't find any currently active accounts up for her. Do you all have anyone who you followed previously that you miss seeing on your social media feeds, if so please let me know.
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    2. eclipse21, the wig maker. I don't know where they went. :(
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    3. She actually moved on to printing her own prints and making (human) kimonos! This is her store:
      She also mentioned getting back into dolls but I'm not sure how that went. You can follow her on Instagram: Login • Instagram :)
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    4. This largely predates social media, buf I miss looking at the work of Anu from Tensiya. She used to do Dollshe's faceup and styling work as well as make beautiful LE clothes. I couldn't read Japanese but i loved checking in on her blog :(
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    5. There have been a few Etsy sellers who either have an empty shop or are on ‘vacation’ and have been long past their listed return date that I’d really like to shop with again!
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    6. Thank you so much for letting me know. That's really cool that she's making her own prints and kimonos. I hope she comes back and sells some of her doll clothes because she's incredibly talented. I completely understand if she doesn't though, as she has no obligation to come back if she doesn't want to.
    7. I've noticed a cutback in the amount of BJD YouTube content, even over the past couple of years. When I first started watching BJD content, Anne Pecaro and PintSizedPalace were still regularly uploading, and I'm sure there are other creators I didn't hear of in time that have disappeared too. I suspect the focus of the BJD community is shifting from YouTube to Instagram, and it wouldn't surprise me if TikTok gained more popularity with BJD collectors over the next few years.
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    8. I miss the BJD webcomic, "Acrylic Eyes." I just checked the website again for the first time in a while and the last update was... over a year ago :sweat There are probably some etsy shops, too, but I don't recall names.
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    9. I’ve been out of the hobby for a while but yes I noticed many of the Etsy shops are just gone. Miema was one of my favorites for dal/pullip clothes. Wish she did larger doll sizes (unless she does but I followed more on Etsy long ago). I followed some on Flickr too. Just got away from it but it feels like many just aren’t there.
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    10. So I see a few people recognize eclipse21's name, does anyone know what happened to them? Last I heard, they were stopping commissions so that they could focus on personal projects, but then they just disappeared altogether. D:
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    11. FreakStyleBJD is gone for now. As well as many other independent doll artists and the like. It's quite sad.:(
      I hope they can make a come back one day.
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    12. I remember the first bjd owner whose dolls I really connected with! I followed all of their blogs and I has really amazed by how cool their dolls were. A few months ago I found them again, both here and on tumblr, but they've been inactive for a very long time. They went by Namiren. I hope they're doing okay.
    13. the Bakudoll BJD's they use to be on TaoBao but went MIA
    14. Well, she didn't go MIA because I know she is on Instragram and making her own watercolors now, but I really miss Nicole's Dreams. I still go back and watch her faceup videos and other doll content because they are amazing to watch!
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    15. Oh my goodness I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling like it's just crickets these days.

      I actually found this thread searching for what happened to Feerie Doll... I had favorited a bunch of her clothes on etsy for a particular character I've wanted to shell for YEARS and I just got him yesterday, went to go buy him some stuff, and well what do you know it's all gone. I'm a little heartbroken over it actually... :(

      It seems like a lot of (older?) hobbies have moved on to instagram... which for whatever reason is a platform I'm avoiding like the plague... >.> some of my artist friends have received serious harassment over there.
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    16. RIP Denali Wind's channel... I actually still follow her for her journalling/music stuff but I miss her doll content so so so much. She was probably my biggest influence and inspiration when I first got started. I really hope she's gonna start posting doll related stuff sometime in the future, but I know it's probably not gonna happen.
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    17. I miss Denali Wind, too. She briefly showed the dolls she still has in a vlog over a year ago and mentioned that she was tempted to return someday, but I don't want to hold my breath. She and Lorti were the two big YT BJD-ers when I first got into the hobby and I always looked up to them, so having them both drop out of the hobby and delete their old videos was heartbreaking. Emi Marie also scrubbed her YT channel, though her insta accounts are still up.

      Honestly, I had so many inspirations on YT and it's all crickets these days. I'm half tempted to start filming my own BJD vlog sort of content, even if they're just 10-20 minute rambles, because that's what I used to watch and love for so long. Be the change you want to see in the world, right?
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    18. I didn't realize the dolly YouTube community was in such a lull these days. On one hand, I understand; people are incredibly fickle in this hobby compared to most for numerous reasons, but on the other, I'd assume there'd have to be others like me that have been around forever/in it for the long haul. I certainly hope so.

      Sometimes I consider making videos about BJDs, but honestly, I don't think anyone would care to see the same handful of girls over and over again, or deal with my erratic schedule. :(

      As far as creators I'm sad to see go... Light Limner's combination of realistic, heart-shaped faces and petite figures really stood out, and I can't think of any other dollmaker currently that appeals to that aesthetic. I also really miss ALMA; they were kind of SartoriaJ before SartoriaJ really took off, but with more focus on couture gowns over high fashion casual. Don't think anyone has quite filled that niche again, at least for the big 62-65cm girls.
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    19. There was a pretty mass exodus of BJD YouTubers back in 2018 where most of the "old guard" up and left. I have a few hypotheses about why it happened, but the overall result is still the same - they, along with all their old dolly content, are gone, and while there are some smaller/less consistent channels still uploading content, no "new guard" has really established itself yet. Most of the dolly content uploaded these days are box openings and such with little to no commentary, which is fine if that's your schtick, but I miss a lot of the personal aspects of the hobby.

      I'd watch videos of the same 6 dolls over and over again! I was always more fond of the channels that had a few staple dolls and talked a lot about stories, crafting, customization, and more. I've also been in the hobby for so long that I remember the height of BJD confession blogs and the way people used to get reamed for buying and selling all the time, so clearly, I wasn't the only one that liked having recognizable dolly faces in videos!
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    20. Oh, there are so many. I miss faceup artists who are not reachable anymore :'(