Preorder [Creatures Dolls by Mewie Fish] Pollen 22cm

Nov 26, 2019

    1. Hi there !
      I'm happy to announce i'm opening a pre order period for Pollen !

      More info about pollen if you don't know her at

      The pre order period will be opened from november, 27th 2019, 7p.m (GMT+1 - french zone) to december,15th midnight.


      During this pre order, you can also order a mini absinthe head that fits the pollen body [​IMG]:) You can enjoy 2 dolls in the same time !
      If you don't know Absinthe doll, please have a look at

      You can choose between 2 colors :
      - Mint (glacier blue) or
      - Green tea (kind of pistachio green)

      - Pollen blank : 380€ (shipping not included).
      - Mini absinthe head (extra part) : 35€.
      - Head make up (basic) : 40€
      - Hands make up : 15€

      Pollen will come with her box, certificate of authenticity, eyes and some gifts. Production time is about 3 to 4 months after the pre order is closed.

      - Layaway available (2, 3 or 4 parts)
      - Sent payments are not refundable if you cancel your order
      paypal required for international buyers (paypal fees on your charge)
      - Shipping charges are calculated separetely from the doll, depending of your country and parcel, once the doll is paid.
      - Shipping include insurance and tracking number. If you prefer another way, please tell me but i won't be responsible of - Shipping loses/damages if the package is not insured.
      - Payments in EUROS only
      - The doll is sent only when totally paid

      +HOW TO ORDER ?+
      - Please just fill the form that will be available on november, 27th (google form). It will be available on my FB page and instagram.

      You will receive a confirmation email within 24h after you placed your order with all the informations based on your order [​IMG]:)

      If you have further questions, of course don't hesitate to contact me at mewiefish(at)

      Thank you very much for your attention !! [​IMG]<3 ^o^ !!​
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