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Crescent Shop and Unoa preorders

Nov 20, 2005

    1. Masamichi will be taking preorders for the Unoa girls. If you are interested you need to check out his site.^^
    2. We apologize for not replying so many inquiries for Unoa girls preordeing.
      Because the detail was not determined yet by Alchemic Labo,
      we thought we should wait for a while.

      Yes, we are taking preorders in December.
      The ordering period is from Dec 8th(Thu) 13:00 to Dec 12th(Mon) 13:00
      (After preorders for Japanese buyers by Alchemic Labo between 1st and 5th)
      Other informations including price, available optional parts will be updated in member site
      soon after we received answers from Alchemic Labo.

      Please understand that we cannot reply each questions for this Unoa preordering.
      We are already very busy for winter holiday shoppings.
      Please wait for the next announcement on this news board.

      Thank you very much for using our service !

      Masamichi Kuge,
      Crescent Trading, Inc.
    3. Yes unoa girls new body and more pink color (just a bit) in kit form. They do Not come painted and you can't request painting. They do come with elastic.

    4. Does anyone know if the old optional parts are compatible? More specifically the high heeled shoes.
    5. I believe you pay in full at the time of the preorder . . . it was that way for the boys, at least, and I'm pretty sure it's like that for the girls too.
    6. Yes had to pay in full, I know crescent would do that he wants the payment part settled right away before he provide his service. No fun having to tie up money I understand!

      I bet the high heel feet will fit fine as the feet and ankles have not changed that we have been told about. However the skin part of the high heel foot will be a bit lighter as the new skin has changed color and it now more pink and a tiny bit darker. The ears parts will fit but some of the face optional part and the bust part won't fit.
    7. My main question is whether they are the new bodies, or the old bodies, or something in between.
    8. They are the new bodies with the new elbow joints, we don't know if they are 1.5 or if they are 2 as of now. At least I don't know!
    9. The link on Araki's site says they're the 1.5 version. I think he might want to see how the new skin tone and joints are recieved before releasing 2.
    10. well, it was $495 last time plus shipping, but the yen to dollar has been better for us lately, so it might be less. plan for the highest (495) and hope for less!
    11. Gather around children gather around.

      Crescent has news, no not about Unoas. But about CC payments:

      Important Message about Credit Card Payments
      We apologize inconvenience but we have to stop taking payments by credit card through InternetSecure.
      We have to stop taking orders from clients whose payment method is only credit card through InternetSecure by Dec.15.
      We will refund deposits after Dec.15 for clients who ordered auctions but the auctions were not successful.

      For clients who ordered auctions and won already, please press "Shipping Order"
      as soon as possible unless you can switch to Paypal.
      Or we won't be able to ship items until we start taking credit card again next year.

      We are now preparing new processor for credit card payments. But it cannot be within this year.

      If you can switch to PAYPAL, we are still able to take payments through credit cards with no problem.

      The reason we have to stop deal with InternetSecure is because they changed thier policy
      that they only handle with companies registered in Canada.

      We are really sorry for this incovenience while the Holiday Shopping Season."

      Looking for all those who were going to use their plastic assistant for the order.
      Just a question. Using a credit card with paypal incurrs a fee right?
    12. Ah! Now the rate at CS is now $113 flat.
      It's almost December 1st, I'd really like some prices about now..

      Oh and I found some sort of reasoning about the rate.
      "Why is your own exchange rate worse than the one I see at http://www.xe.com
      It is very good question. We believe many clients think about it.
      This discrepancy is for Paypal or Credit Card fees.
      We are not selling any products but we provide shopping service.
      So we don't have any profit from the product. We just have to pay actual amount to the original seller and other expense. But payment from you is by Paypal or Credit Card. Paypal or Credit Card company take fees on the TOTAL amount including amount we have to pay to the original seller and to post office for the Shipping.
      We end up receiving the deducted amount and it is not enough for paying to the seller and other expense."
    13. when you assemble your kit unoa, what glue/type do you use to glue the leg together (the top half ball to the rest).. i'll get a pic if anyone wants
    14. I use something called "Zap a Gap" to glue my dolls' joints, it's the type of glue that you buy at a hobby shop that's used for glueing together resin model kits. There are a lot of similar brands, they tend to come in small bottles with a pointed tip for application. I used it to glue my MSD's leg joints almost three years ago, and its held perfectly!
    15. I've been wanting a Lusis for a very very long time now and think I may have an opportunity this time.

      But there's something I'm not clear with and I hope someone can help me ;X ...

      is it possible to use a Debit card to purchase the dolls?
    16. Check with your bank, many debit cards are treated like a credit card when you use them to purchase online. As long as you have the number, type of card (mastercard-visa), expiration date, and sometimes those three numbers for your verification (they are on the back in the signature area). But I would still check with your bank to make sure.
    17. I don't think Crescent is doing a lottery, they're just taking orders, 1 doll per person (ie. you can order 1 Sist, 1 Lusis each, but you can't order 3 Lusis and 2 Sist) and last time, I thought optional faces were roughly $40...? Someone who ordered can verify or update that t- while I always considered and priced out the last preorders, I ultimately never participated.

      But I always pegged optional faces to be roughly $40 "retail" with the hands/feet options at roughly $25 "retail" and the chest plates at estimated $45-55 "retail"

      Someone with better knowledge/experience please correct my mistakes.

      As for current pricing, Masamichi will announce it when he has it, I don't think he's holding out or anything, his notice says when they get the info from Alchemic Lab so I take that as we're all waiting at this point.
    18. About how long after the preorder are the dolls received? Just wondering about how long I'd have to wait if I do manage to get one.
    19. i got my Unoa just over 6 months later :-o

      Oh girlcreeture, its a kit there is no option for faceup unless this is different than the boy pre-order :D
    20. Oh thank goodness!

      I can't wait to hear news, it is getting so close! Maybe they will just post prices the day of..